Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Laura Denoux Is Not The Biggest Loser

Laura Denoux and Tara CostaWhew, what an emotional night! I shed some tears - some happy, some sad.

Last night was the big Tim Gunn make-over show and it was fun to watch. I thought everybody looked great but Tara looked amazing!

The Biggest Loser Makeover ResultsIt was sad to see Mike's brother, Max, fall apart when he saw how good his dad and brother looked after their makeovers. Max felt like the odd-man-out, being 'the big one' in the family. Mike told his brother that he and his dad would help him lose the weight too.

Another sad event was learning that Laura had suffered a stress fracture to her hip. Dr. H. told Laura she couldn't do any weight-bearing exercise until her hip bone healed, which would take at least 3 months. Adding insult to injury, Laura gained 3 pounds at the weigh-in. Ugh!


Mike won the all-time record for the most pounds lost while on the ranch (145 pounds in 15 weeks - WOW!). And Helen lost an amazing 7 pounds! Due to Laura's hip fracture, she had to be carried to the scale by Filipe and Mike.

Mike: 248 lbs-5=243 lbs
Ron: 308 lbs-6=302 lbs
Tara: 186 lbs-4=182 lbs
Filipe: 252 lbs-5=247 lbs
Helen: 169 lbs-7=162 lbs
Kristin: 245 lbs-2=243 lbs
Laura: 205 lbs+3=208 lbs

Laura sent Sione home last week so it was interesting that Felipe's vote is what sent Laura home this week. In my opinion, the group made a bad game move. They should've sent Kristin home. since she is by far the bigger threat.

Laura Denoux before and after picsLaura Denoux is a 24 year-old Sales Director (and former plus-size model) from Miami, Florida. Laura weighed 285 pounds when she arrived on The Biggest Loser ranch. At the time of her "Where Are They Now?" video, Laura weighed 208 pounds, for a total weight loss of 77 pounds!

She is tickled that despite her hip injury, she's been able to workout regularly and maintain her weight loss. Laura's goal is to continue losing weight and hopes to reach her goal of losing 100 pounds by the finale.

Here's a quote from Laura's "Where Are They Now?" video:

"I love my new life. I can't believe how much losing 77 pounds can do for somebody. The Biggest Loser has definitely changed my life forever."

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Kelly said...

I know! I felt so bad for Max! I hope they can help him lose weight, poor kid!


Sadie said...

I can't believe how good Tara is looking. She's gonna be a toothpick before it's over with!

Grandy said...

They are all looking great! I love reading your recaps here because I'm afraid BL didn't make it on my Tivo list this round.

Laura said...

Kelly - I felt bad for Max too. He's just broken-hearted... torn between feeling happy for his dad and bro and sad for himself. I know they will do everything they can do help him when they get home.

Sadie - I know! It's unbelievable!

Grandy - Thanks! Sometimes I miss some of the shows because I'm trying to watch American Idol then I'm having to take a break to give my toddler a bath etc. It's hectic around here! :)

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