Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Nicole Brewer Is Not The Biggest Loser...Again

Nicole Brewer before and after picsCheck out that picture! Doesn't she look awesome? In her 'before' picture, she is wearing a size 24 wedding dress. In her 'after' picture, she is wearing a size 12! Her goal is to actually get married wearing a size 8 wedding dress.

Nicole Brewer, a 37-year-old wardrobe stylist from Brooklyn, New York, is engaged to Damien Gurganious. Nicole was sent home at the end of the first week of The Biggest Loser. You can watch Nicole and Damien's first "Where Are They Now?" video here. At that time, Nicole had lost a total of 76 pounds. Nicole's second "Where Are They Now?" video shows how she looks after losing a total of 105 pounds!

Ali Vincent, season 5 winner, guest-hosted the show since Alison Sweeney recently gave birth. Ali won the title after being sent home for five weeks, so she was the perfect choice to introduce Estella, David, and Nicole, who were sent home at the end of the first week of competition and never returned because their partners had been eliminated.

It was easy to see which one would win the scale-war and you could tell the other contestants were scared stiff. Since arriving on the ranch, Nicole has lost a mind-numbing 87 pounds, amounting to a 32.34% percentage loss - second only to Tara. As a result of the weigh-in, Nicole was also given immunity at the next weigh-in. Immunity? Well, how did she get voted off then, you ask? She gained 5 pounds! I know, I couldn't believe it either. I didn't know immunity was contingent upon how much a player weighs.

Highlights of the show:
  • Ron was rushed to the hospital, after experiencing chest pains. Luckily, the problem was not his heart but rather a bleeding ulcer. He was treated and then sent back to the ranch.

  • Tara had a partial breakdown during a talk with Jillian where she lamented that she was terribly scared of going home and gaining all the weight back. She said she wants to stay on the ranch long enough to discover why she gained over a hundred pounds in a year and a half.

  • At the weigh-in... Tara became the second woman in TBL history to lose over 100 pounds while on the ranch (the first woman was Kristin last week); Laura gained a pound and started to tear-up; Ron gained 3 pounds, due in part to all the fluids he was given at the hospital. But the shocker of all shockers was finding out that Nicole had gained 5 pounds! I still can't believe it. Not surprisingly, Ron and Nicole fell below the yellow line. It ended up with 3 votes for Ron and 3 votes for Nicole. Kristin gave the tie-breaking vote and sent Nicole packing. I was sad for Nicole because I think it was time for Ron to go home, but hey - what do I know?
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Arlene said...

Wow she lost a lot of weight! I envy her.

By the way, you are one of the top ten droppers for the month of March. Thank you so much and i hope you keep coming by. :)

Take care.

Petula said...

I haven't watched the biggest loser in quite awhile, but I really do like the show. I keep missing the beginning of the season and I really like to watch from day one.

The Fitness Diva said...

Her 'after' looks amazing! Good job for her!

BK said...

Whether she is a winner or not, she definitely looks happier in the second photo and that is the most important. I believe she will be able to reach her goal of a size 8.

Chris said...

Nicole can be very proud of her weight loss and she did almost all of it from home. I felt so sorry for her when the scale betrayed her back at the ranch. said...

WOW that's pretty impressive. Hope she achieves the target of dress size 8. Looking magnificent. Keep it up.

Laura said...

Arlene - She sure did! Thanks for the Entrecard recognition. :) I appreciate your drops too!

Petula - Yeah, I can relate. I missed the first couple of shows this season and it bummed me out but I like the show too much to stop watching it. I now tape it since I like watching American Idol too. That way I can play the tape back and catch what I missed.

Fitness Diva - I agree. She looks fantastic!

BK - I believe she will reach her goal too. Although I think she looks terrific wearing a size 12.

Chris - Me too! I was excited that Nicole gave Tara some needed competition and then POOF! she was gone. I still immunity should mean immunity - regardless of whether you gain that week or not. - I agree, she looks great. :)

Hayley/Shu Fen said...

fellow EC member visiting for the first time! :D

ahh! i'm trying to lose weight too!

Laura said...

She has done really well!! Although I think a size 8 may be taking it a little too far. She looks amazing the way she is

Laura said...

Shu Fen - Thanks for stopping by! Good luck with your weight loss goals. :)

Laura - I couldn't agree more. She looks fantastic! But Nicole and I share the same goal. I too, want to be a size 8. But when I reach a size 12, I will be jumping up and down! It's been 9 years since I wore size 12/14.

Fatburn said...

Wow she did well didn't she? We have this TV prog in the UK now but none of the contestants have burned anything like as much fat as the US peeps :)

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