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Filipe Fa Is Not The Biggest Loser

Sione Fa and Filipe Fa with their trainer BobYou know it's a competitive climate on The Biggest Loser when you lose 10 pounds in a week and it's still not enough to keep you from falling below the yellow line!

This week it ended up being Ron and Filipe that fell below the yellow line.

At the weigh-in, each player outdid the person before. Ron lost 9 pounds. Filipe overtook him with a 10-pound loss. Helen overtook Filipe with a 7-pound loss. Mike lost 11 pounds and ended up pushing his father below the yellow line. Then Tara lost 8 pounds, pushing Filipe below the yellow line. As soon as Filipe fell below the yellow line, he knew he was going home.

The two votes that sent him packing was from Mike and Helen. Mike obviously wasn't going to send his dad home and Helen voted for Filipe because she recognized him as the biggest threat.

After being told he was not The Biggest Loser, Filipe said, “I’ve lost 130 lbs. in 17 weeks,” he said. “How can I be sad?” Well said!

Tuesday night's show began with the contestants watching their first workouts on video. Helen laughed at her frizzy hair; Filipe saw an unhappy person who has made a big change in attitude. Mike remarked, “17 weeks ago, I couldn't even run a 5K. Now, I've run a half marathon!”

In the challenge, contestants raced each other carrying their original weight across 16 sand hills. At the top of each hill, they removed the amount of weight the lost that week on the ranch until the end, where they could symbolically throw away all the “baggage.” Tara won the challenge, of course! She had a choice of either taking a 1-pound advantage at the weigh-in or taking a $10,000 cash prize. She opted for the 1-pound advantage which meant the $10,000 went to the second-place finisher - Mike.

It was fun watching the contestants 'Train the Trainer', where they got the chance to exact revenge on their taskmasters. Bob enjoyed the challenge while Jillian dreaded it. Pouring with sweat at the end, Bob admitted, “They wiped the floor with me.” Tara tried her best to get Jillian to cry but to no avail.

Filipe Fa's Before and After PicsFilipe Fa, a 26-year-old lube technician from Mesa, Arizona, arrived on the ranch weighing 364 pounds. He left the ranch weighing 234 pounds, for a total of 130 pounds lost.

While watching Filipe's "Where Are They Now?" video, Filipe was disappointed that he'd only lost 13 pounds since being home. He said once he got home, he struggled with finding the balance between family, work, and exercise.

Unfortunately, it took his dad experiencing a stroke to get Filipe back on track. He started a community exercise class in his back yard and is fulfilling his dream of leading the group as their fitness trainer. Now that both Filipe and his cousin, Sione are both home, they are competing for the $100,000 'at-home' prize.

The final four contestants, Tara, Helen, Mike, and Ron were all sent home for thirty days and will return to the ranch afterwards, for one final weigh-in prior to the finale, May 12th.

So, who do you think will win... Mike or Tara?

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Da Old Man said...

I think it will be Mike as he has the better support system at home (Ron)

Natalie said...


Steve Borgman said...

I'd like it to be Tara, but Mike has more weight to lose, so I think he will be the one that ends up as the biggest loser.

Michele said...

There is something I don't really like about Tara. I know she's strong and deserves it but then I have this weird crush on Mike too so that doesn't help. haha Mike said when he won the 10,000 that that will help pay for school. I'm hoping that if he won and was the next biggest loser that he'd help his brother out and make sure his dad stayed healthy too. I am not a huge supporter of Ron any more because he lied to Bob but I still would like to see Mike win.

Kim Hays said...

I'm totally rooting for Tara. She's very inspirational. I'm happy for Mikey, too. But Ron gets on my nerves. I like that Tara did it on her own.

jh said...

I just love all of them. Every time I watch the show I end up crying. One of the only good reality shows on television right now and incredibly inspirational.

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Laura said...

Da Old Man - You may turn out to be right. Mike has an advantage because he has more weight to lose than Tara. I'm still going to be rooting for Tara, though! :)

Natalie - Yeah, GO TARA!!! :)

Steve - So true. But I still hope Tara 'the machine' pulls it out!

Michele - Yeah, Mike is a great guy and I would be thrilled if he wins but Tara's my girl! :)

Kim - Me too! GO TARA!!!

JH - I know - I cry just about on every episode too! It is so inspirational.

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