Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Humiliation, Triumph and a Cute Chef

The Biggest LoserIf you missed The Biggest Loser last night, here's a quick synopsis of what happened:

1.) Chef Rocco Dispirito challenged the black and blue teams to compete to see who could make the healthiest burger, pizza, and burrito. The teams were told that they would be judged on calorie and fat content but stressed the food had to also taste good. The blue team made the best pizza but the black team won Rocco over with their burger and burrito. Well, actually, Rocco didn't like either one but since the black team's burrito had less calories, they won. For their prize, the black team won a dinner cooked by Rocco and Laura picked the fortune cookie that gave her an extra vote at elimination.

2.) The blue team traveled to 24 Hour Fitness to do an Everlast Shadow Box workout with six-time world boxing champ, Sugar Ray Leonard. It was so cool! Aubrey, who used to be an amateur boxer, was very excited to meet Sugar Ray. Now 52 years old, Sugar Ray, explained to the blue team that even though he no longer fights, he continues to train as a fighter. He likes it because it is a full body workout. Sugar Ray gave them the acronym POWER... Prepare, Overcome, Win Every Round!

3.) Dr. Huzienga dropped by the gym to pay the contestants a visit. He anointed Mike and Tara, king and queen of major weight loss records. Mike lost 134 pounds of fat in 3 months, which has never been done in Biggest Loser history, while Tara achieved 29% weight loss in 3 months! The doctor applauded Mandi on how well she did on her treadmill test. The first time 31 year old, Mandi did the test (upon arriving at the ranch), she scored at the level of a fit 69 year old woman. Her current treadmill test was off the charts and he informed her she was in superb condition. The doctor was pleased that Ron now needed less insulin and has finally started to gain some muscle.

4.) While working out with Jillian, Sione fell and hurt his ankle. Luckily it turned out to be a level one sprain.

5.) The black and blue teams went to LA Food Bank for their second competition. They were told the first team to assemble and load 150 kits would win free groceries for a year, be featured in a Cheerios advertising campaign, and receive letters from home. Surprise, surprise... the black team won! Mike gave his free grocery prize to Aubrey since he felt like she could use it more (she has five kids and Mike is eighteen and single). What a sweetie!

6.) And now for the drama. Jillian humilated Laura in front of her team by asking everyone who they thought was the weakest link. One by one, they all said "Laura". Jillian maintained that the team perceives Laura as the weakest link because Laura doesn't believe in herself and therefore, projects that image. With tears streaming, Laura said, "What she did to me was probably worse than someone calling me fat to my face or making fun of me." Later, during their little sit-down talk, Jillian asked Laura why she wanted to lose weight. Laura said all she wanted was love from her friends and family. Jillian told her she wanted love but has no love for herself. Jillian went on to tell Laura that she thought she was capable, strong, and a really good person, and said that's why it infuriates her to see Laura give up. You can watch some of the drama here.

Week 9 Weigh-in:

Biggest Loser host, Alison, explained that they would not be weighing against each other this time but as a group. If their combined weight loss totaled over 77 pounds, they would all get immunity but if they lost 77 pounds or less, one member from each team would be eliminated.

Kristin: 270 - 9 pound loss/90 pounds total
Cathy: 246 - 3 pound loss /47 pounds total
Ron: 343 - 6 pound loss/87 pounds total
Aubrey: 203 - 8 pound loss/46 pounds total
Mandi: 195 - 8 pound loss/68 pounds total

Tara: 200 - 11 pound loss/94 pounds total
Laura: 226 - 7 pound loss/59 pounds total
Sione: 283 - 3 pound loss/89 pounds total
Filipe: 275 - 8 pound loss/89 pounds total
Helen: 193 - 5 pound loss/64 pounds total
Mike: ????????????????????????????

That's right... they left us hanging. Tune in next Tuesday night to see if Mike lost 10 pounds and saved everyone for another week or if he fell short and someone from each team had to go home.

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Sandee said...

I don't think I would like to be on this program if I was way overweight. Sounds dog-eat-dog to me. Glad you enjoy it though.

Have a terrific day. :)

Da Old Man said...

That part where they left us hanging left me annoyed, instead.

Patricia Rockwell said...

I agree about being left hanging at the weigh-in! They have never done that before!

Laura said...

Sandee - Yes, I really do enjoy the show. Though I could do without all the drama.

Da Old Man - I know, I couldn't believe it!

Patricia - I don't know why they ended the show like that but I sure didn't like it!

Anonymous said...

I was so proud of the young man that donated his 1-year of free groceries to the mom of 5 kids ... that was awesome!
But I was really disappointed that they put all that pressure on that same young man during the weigh-in. For heavens sakes ... he is so young to have all that hanging over him.
Then to leave us, the audience having to wait until next week ...
Frustration to say the least!

Anonymous said...

I agree - it sort of ticked me off that they put all the pressure on the youngest loser, and they left us hanging till next week. But all in all it's a great show that should help people get motivated to lose weight. If they can do it, we sure should be able to.

Anonymous said...

Hey, do you know where to get a hand of those recipes? Maybe you can post them? :)

Paul Eilers said...

I was amazed that the black team won the healthiest burger, pizza, and burrito competition due to the number of calories in the ketchup!


Eat Well. Live Well.

Laura said...

Dawn - I agree. I didn't like all the pressure being on Mike either. He is such a sweetie.

Chris - I know they engineer as much drama as they can muster for the TV audience. And the product placement spots are so 'YUCK' but I still love the show! :) It definitely inspires me.

Leo - The Biggest Loser site could be so much better. Here's all I could find on Rocco's recipes.

Paul - Well, actually the blue team won 'best pizza'. The blue team lost 'best burger' to the black team because of the calories in the ketchup. Who'da thunk?!

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