Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Shanon Thomas Is Not The Biggest Loser

I really enjoyed watching The Biggest Loser last night. Following are the highlights:
  • Shanon Thomas, a 29-year-old massage therapist from Centerline, MI, was the contestant sent home last night.

  • Both the pink (Helen and Shanon) and brown team (Ron and Mike) won the first challenge which gave them unlimited access to the gym and shut-out all other players. It's interesting how that advantage did not keep the pink team safe from elimination.

  • Trainers Bob and Jilian had to get creative with their workouts since the gym was off-limits. Jilian hated being shut-out from the gym and let everybody know unhappy she was. Bob, on the other hand, stepped up to the challenge and seemed to enjoy every minute of it. He had his blue team doing everything from lifting chairs and benches, running on the beach, carrying giant logs, to doing rows with a TRX suspension band wrapped around a tree. But my favorite was watching the blue team wrestle in the mud. It was hilarious! Especially when Filipe was horsing around with Tara and Kristen. He's a nut! :)

  • Dane from the black team, won immunity by winning the rowing machine challenge.

  • Laura finally lost more weight than her teammate, Tara, which was a major victory for her. Laura lost 8 pounds and Tara lost 7 pounds.
Shanon ThomasCheck out Shanon's "Where Are They Now?" video here. Shanon had lost 85 pounds as of the filming of this video but the most interesting part of the video to me was to discover that Shanon is training for her longtime dream of being in a roller derby! That's pretty cool.

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Anonymous said...

I missed this cause I was watching American Idol. I can't believe she's lost so much since the show! That's amazing. I really wish I had a Tivo...

Sandee said...

Ten pant sizes? I can't even imagine that. These must really be some very heavy folks.

Have a terrific day. :)

Paul Eilers said...

The roller derby?

Da Old Man said...

I cracked up when I saw her at the Roller Derby practice.
It was a great episode. This year, it seems to be be much less gameplay than in previous years, especially this late in the show.

Anonymous said...

I am so so impressed. Too bad this show doesn't air in my country. Niceweight oss she really achieved though.

Laura said...

Sadie - I know! I watched American Idol too but I videotaped The Biggest Loser. Then when commercials came on, I ran into the kitchen to catch what was going on with The Biggest Loser. The next morning, I played the tape to catch up on what I missed. I wish I had Tivo too. My friends tell me I'm way behind the times.

Sandee - I thought 10 pant sizes was a stretch too. I looked at her before and after photos and thought 8 pant sizes sounded like the max. but I guess she did! I applaud her on losing 85 pounds. That's awesome!

Paul - Sounds cool, huh? As a kid, I LOVED roller skating. I'm sure it's a blast knocking people around.

Da Old Man - Yeah, I'm really enjoying this season. Everybody seems to genuinely care for each other and that's a nice thing to see.

Weight Loss Diva - I wish you could see it too. It's a great show. I just wish it came on a different night. I'm a big American Idol fan and it comes on at the same time.

bookieboo said...

Did u hear she got arrested? Check this out,

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update! I lost power for 4 hours and missed it! Going to play in the roller derby will certainly keep off the weight!

Laura said...

Bookieboo - No, I didn't know it til I read your comment. Wow, a bag of flour, huh?

Linda - You're welcome! Sorry to hear you lost power... four hours is a long time. Yeah, I think playing in the roller derby is a great way to keep the weight off. I hope she keeps it up.

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