Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Shellay Cremen is not The Biggest Loser

Shellay CremenThe Biggest Loser's purple team was my second-favorite team but now only Amy remains. Shellay was sent home last night.

The show started out with an "In the Dark All You Can Eat Sweet" challenge. The contestants were taken to a room filled with chocolates and other confections. The contestant to eat the most calories would be rewarded with the power to reshape the teams (Black team-Jillian and Blue team-Bob).

Heba jumped at the opportunity to seize control and let the other contestants know she was going for it. Phil tried to sneak some peanut butter cups but Heba caught him in the act. Phil's penalty for crossing Heba? She put him on the black team and kept his wife, Amy, on the blue team. Heba also split up the mother/daughter purple team by putting Shellay on the black team and keeping Amy C. on the blue team.

The blue team won the second challenge (trekking up and down a mountainside in 100+ degree weather for 14 hours) and won a 2 pound pass at the weigh-in. The 2 pound pass in addition to Heba pulling a whopping 8 pound loss, propelled the blue team to victory. The losing black team voted to eliminate Shellay from competition (2 votes for Renee, 3 votes for Shellay).

Shellay Cremen, at 51, is a stay-at-home mom from Royal Oak, Michigan. When she first started The Biggest Loser, she weighed 216 pounds. She now wears a size 10!

Following is Shellay's "Where Are They Now?" video transcript:
Before I came to The Biggest Loser ranch, I was very unhappy. I was at the end of my rope. But now, I feel like this life preserver came along and I was able to finally grasp it for the first time.

This experience of being on The Biggest Loser has brought Amy and I closer than we ever would've been. And this is something that's going to last now, throughout the rest of our lives.

When Amy finally gets home, I can't wait to get started with our 'at home' routine. We'll get up in the morning, you know, going to the gym and filling our time with things that have more meaning than what we've done before.

This didn't happen overnight. And yes, I was fortunate enough to have Jillian there beside me. But I finally came to realize when I got home that I could've done this all along. Jillian made me realize that. You need a positive attitude if you're going to succeed. (Jillian: "I see somebody who is sexy and strong and smart.")

No matter what happens in the end, whether Amy and I win or not, it's all about what we've accomplished, the relationship that we now have that is stronger than anything. And what we do have now is something that money can never buy.

Since I've been home now, the whole chemistry between my husband and I has changed.

Shellay's husband: "I'm so proud of Shellay. It's just incredible what she's accomplished. You know, I think, the new her, if you will, has just given her so much more confidence. I mean, my gosh, she's a knockout!"

My husband used to tell me all the time that I was beautiful. But for the first time in my life, I now believe him. I am beautiful. And I have everything I want.

--Shellay Cremen

You can watch Shellay's "Where Are They Now?" video here.

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Anonymous said...

I think that she looked really good!

ImitationAngel said...

She does look good. Maybe I should go to Royal Oak and try to see her in person. I'm sure she's going to be doing some speaking engagements around since her time on the show. It would be nice since I don't live far from Royal Oak.

Laura said...

Tiffany & Angel - I agree. She looks terrific. Angel, that'd be cool to go see her in person. You may see her daughter, Amy, too. I read that on a website I stumbled across that she and her mother are working out on their own twice a day and with a trainer three days per week.

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