Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Fast: Day 10 (30 days to go!) - 14 lbs so far

Jack LaLanne's Power JuicerI've lost another .4 pounds. I'm happy to report, I've had no problem with hunger today.

This morning, Paul and I took our Pops with a 10 oz. glass of freshly extracted juice (carrots, celery, tomato and apple). (Note: In regards to the Pops, I take a purple in the morning and a green before going to bed.)

I didn't go home for lunch and instead spent my lunch break working on my blog. While I worked on the post about Biggest Loser Shellay Cremen, my coworker ate lunch at her desk. Her lunch was last night's leftovers of brisket and all the fixins. Oh my goodness, did it ever smell good! Though the aroma was wonderful, I didn't suffer hunger pains.

I have arranged to work from home tomorrow in order to avoid the office party Mexican fiesta. They'll be eating soft tacos, cheese dip, chips and salsa, Vlad's fried potatoes, and cookies. Sounds good, doesn't it?

Until tomorrow...

Today's Stats

Weight: 226.8 / Total Lost: 14 lbs.


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V said...

congrats. good job. i have to get sick to lose 4 lbs. :)

The Fitness Diva said...

Well, congrats on your progress so far, Laura. Sounds like you're well on your way to getting this thing done well.

What I'd like to know, is how is your energy level while doing this fast?
I've only fasted for 3 days at a time, and I do remember that first day being hard as hell, and I was tired the second day.
I know your body adjusts to just about anything, and you don't feel hunger anymore after a while, but do you ever feel tired?

Good luck on the rest of your fasting journey!

bookieboo said...

I've never done a fast before, and honestly am a little scared to do one. I'm pregnant right now, so I couldn't even consider it, but when I'm not my metabolism is very sensitive to anything. What were the pills you were talking about? Are you doing a flush?

ImitationAngel said...

That's great. Congrats! What has been the hardest part about the fast so far?

Laura said...

Natural - Thanks! I appreciate it.

Fitness Diva - Thanks! My energy level varies from day to day. I've had a couple of high energy days and a couple of days where I was tired but most days I feel the same way I did pre-fast... just normal. You're right - the first 3 days of the fast are the hardest but now it's rare for me to get hungry and when I do it's not near as bad as it was the first 3 days.

Laura said...

Bookieboo - Congratulations on your pregnancy!

You asked if I was doing a flush. I'm not familiar with the term but a fast does flush out toxins.

In my opinion, fasting is a healthy thing to do (unless you're pregnant, nursing, have an eating disorder or other medical condition.) Obviously, people who have medical problems or take medication should consult their doctor before starting a fast.

If you're interested, be sure and read up on the subject (I have some links at the bottom of my post titled "Breaking the Chains of Food Addiction - Starting a Fast").

I recommend starting out by doing a 1 day fast. Take a break and when ready try doing a 3 day fast. Take a break and when ready try doing a 7 day fast.

I wouldn't do anything I was scared to do, so don't try a fast unless you feel good about it.

The Pops I refer to in my posts (purple in the morning and a green before bed), are whole food supplements my husband and I take as well as market. Unlike vitamins (most all are synthetic), the Pops are made from food. The purples have 22 fruits and the greens have 25 vegetables plus other antioxidants, enzymes etc. You can go to www.purplegreenpops.comto see the full list of ingredients.

Laura said...

Angel - The hardest part? Not eating! :) But really, after the first three days it's easy sailing (at least that's been my experience). I still get hungry from time to time but it's short-lived and not painful. I have enough fat for my body to happily live off of for quite some time.

ktales said...

Keep up the hard work. Office parties are the devil... especially when co-workers don't understand what you're trying to accomplish. I keep a pretty strict diet, but haven't fasted - (your will power is greater then mine)


Laura said...

Kevin - Thanks! I agree about office parties being the devil. Whew! It's not easy staying on a diet when you work in an office and people are constantly bringing fattening stuff in. My team keeps a community drawer full of candy bars plus someone on my team regularly comes into the office with donuts, cake or cupcakes.

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