Monday, October 6, 2008

Breaking the Chains of Food Addiction - Starting A Fast

ChainsHappy Monday everyone!

Yeah, right. I hear ya, and I agree. Mondays suck. Big time. The weekends go by way too fast.

Oh well, it's back to the grind - in more ways than one.

I've battled food addiction for many years. You say, "But everybody's addicted to food. I mean, you've gotta eat!"

But what you may not know, is that I'm addicted to junk food - bad food - high calorie food - food that will end up making me a Type 2 diabetic if I don't turn this thing around.

My Health Issues

I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes during my second pregnancy. My nutritionist told me that if I didn't maintain a healthy weight after giving birth, I would be a candidate for Type 2 diabetes at some point in my life. I've dodged that bullet for sixteen years but I don't want to keep fooling around and watch my luck run out.

I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism five years ago and thought taking my daily thyroid pill would help me lose weight. Turns out, the pills won't make me lose weight automatically. I'm still expected to diet and exercise! Bummer.

The bottom of my heels hurt. They didn't start hurting until I ran the bleachers with my kids back in March of this year. They've been hurting off and on ever since; in fact, now they hurt all the time. I believe if I lose this excess weight, my feet will stop hurting.

The Fast

I have fasted off and on for the past twenty-two years. The most I've ever lost by fasting is 30 pounds. I lost it in 30 days.

I'm starting a juice fast today. My goal is to complete a 40 day fast, which will end Friday, November 14th.

I will post daily results, along with my observations, ramblings etc., so stay tuned!

Today's Stats
240.8 lbs. / 44.5% BF


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Rachel said...

Wow good luck with the fast. I never fast as I get hypoglycemia so cannot do it but I like my food too much for that! I occasionally have days when I just eat fruit and veg if I feel like I need a detox but I cannot do it for more than a day or else my blood sugar gets too low.

Raquel said...

Good luck and I hope you'll make it up to November.

Anonymous said...

Good luck on the fast. I've always wanted to try them but there are so many different options, I didn't know which to choose. How many calories do you take in a day on your fast?

Laura said...

Rachel, Raquel, and Susan - Thanks for the warm wishes. I'm going to do my best to stick it out. I've never fasted for longer than 30 days. Fasting is a wonderful detox for the body (much like eating only fruits and veggies). Susan - I wish I could tell you but I don't know how many calories I'm taking in.

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