Monday, March 17, 2008

I've lost another 2 pounds!

That makes a total of 12 pounds in four weeks. I'm very excited!

I have been exercising the past three days as well. On Saturday and Sunday, the whole family went to the high school to walk/jog the track and also run the bleachers.

Saturday: I walked/jogged 2 miles and ran bleachers four times. Total: 1 hour.

Sunday: My right heel was hurting. So rather than jog, I did a fast-walk of 1.5 miles and walked the bleachers five times. Total: 1 hour.

Today: I fast-walked around the neighborhood. Total: 30 minutes. Today was my free day (meaning I can eat whatever I want) and I enjoyed myself. :)

I had a doctor's appointment today to have my thyroid checked. Curious, I looked at my chart to see if I had lost any weight since the last time I had been there and found that I actually weigh 2 pounds more than I did last October. That let the air out of my balloon because I was expecting to see something positive.

When I go back in three months to have my thyroid checked, I'll be excited to get on the scales. The doctor will have to wipe the smile from my face. :)

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workout mommy said...

congrats! 12 lbs in 4 weeks is a great accomplishment! Keep up the great work!


Laura said...

Thanks, Lisa! :) I checked out your workoutmommy site and it's very sharp and informative. You are an inspiration.

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