Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Biggest Loser - Ed & Heba Fell Below The Yellow Line

Ed and Heba BrantleyIt never fails. My favorite people always end up being sent home.

I fell in love with Ed Brantley and Heba Salama from Raleigh, NC and I think you will too once you watch their casting call video.

Newlyweds, Ed (31) and Heba (30) have been married two years. Ed Brantley, a chef, runs his own catering business back in Raleigh and Heba is a pharmaceutical sales rep. Together, they lost a total of 64 pounds during their month together on The Biggest Loser ranch.

On tonight's final weigh-in, Heba lost 8 pounds and was elated. That is, until she saw her husband, Ed, had not lost any weight. This caused the orange team to fall below the yellow line.

Ed and Heba had a very emotional discussion about who should stay at the ranch and who should go home. Together, they decided Ed would be the one to return home to Raleigh.

When Ed Brantley first arrived at the ranch in May, he weighed 335 pounds. He went through a health screening and was told he had pre-diabetes, high blood pressure and metabolic syndrome. At his final weigh-in at the ranch, he weighed 299 lbs.

Since leaving the ranch, Ed has lost 49 more pounds for a total loss of 85 pounds! Ed's goal is to weigh 180 pounds by the time the finale airs on December 16th.


Check out Ed & Heba's casting call video here. It's great!

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Paul Eilers said...

I'm so sorry Ed was kicked off!


Natalie said...

I was so bummed that he had to go. I liked them. I want the purple team gone...they drive me nuts.

Laura said...

Shut up, Paul.

Natalie - I don't have a problem with the purple team but the brown team... Eeeeewww. I don't like the woman (I don't know her name) but she's hateful - at least what I've seen of her.

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