Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fast: Day 21 (19 days to go!) 21.8 lbs so far

Jack LaLanne's Power JuicerThis morning, Paul and I took our Pops with a 10 oz. glass of freshly extracted juice (carrots, celery, tomato and apple). (Note: In regards to the Pops, I take a purple in the morning and a green before going to bed.)

I lost another 1.2 lbs! The kids and I went for a bike ride yesterday so I'm sure that helped.

Today we went to Schaefers & Collins Pumpkin Patch and Farm. The main reason we went is because we thought Brady would enjoy seeing the farm animals and we wanted to pick out a couple of pumpkins. We had such a good time out there. They had lots of slides, swings, see saws, a hay tunnel, and other fun things for kids to play with. Brady wasn't the only one who had a good time. Rachael and Dylan got on the see saw and had so much fun, I wanted to try it out. So, Dylan and I see sawed too. We took lots of pictures and shot some video too. Unfortunately, I haven't downloaded them yet but I'll try to get the pictures on my next post.

Until tomorrow...

Today's Stats

Weight: 219 / Total Lost: 21.8 lbs.


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Raquel said...

Congratulations Laura! I wish I could lose that much too. I can't imagine what you feel if you'll be under 200 pounds. Good luck and keep on juicing.

Petula said...

That's fab! Congratulations... keep up the good work.

Unknown said...

I hope you took a before picture, I'd love to see a before and after of both of you!

Laura said...

Raquel - Thank you! It feels good.

Petula - Thank you! I appreciate it.

Doris - I took a before picture so I'll post both pictures after the fast is over.

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