Monday, October 27, 2008

Fast: Day 22 (18 days to go!) 22.2 lbs so far

Jack LaLanne's Power JuicerI lost another .4 lbs. Even though I'm not, I feel skinny. I feel good in my clothes and it's a nice feeling.

It was a good day. One of my teammates brought a homemade chocolate cake to work today and urged me to have some. I declined, of course. My team made fun of me for not eating any saying, "It's only a piece of cake. It won't hurt you to eat it!" I said, "No. I've got to get ready for my family portrait and every pound counts." They just laughed.

For lunch, Paul and I took our Pops with a 10 oz. glass of freshly extracted juice (carrots, celery, tomato and apple).

This Friday, everyone on my floor is celebrating Halloween by having a snack day. I told you... it never ends! I'm going to bring something and just tough it out. When my teammates ask why I'm not eating, I'll just tell them I'm dieting.

Sorry I didn't get the pictures from yesterday's Pumpkin Patch trip downloaded yet. We just got home from Dylan's football game. Unfortunately, the Wampus Cats lost their last JV game, ending their season with an overall record of 5-3.

We're experiencing a bit of a cold front here in central Arkansas. The temperature was in the mid-40's (and yes, that's cold to me) during the football game and I was freezing! The low tonight and tomorrow night is 32°F. I hate cold weather.

Until tomorrow...

Today's Stats

Weight: 218.6 / Total Lost: 22.2 lbs.


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Anonymous said...

Hi, I have been following your fast as I make my e-card rounds. You are doing great. Finish well!

Anonymous said...

Welcome the cold!!! Remember, Eskimos have to eat WHALE FAT to consume enough calories to maintain their temperature!!!!

(At least, that's what I tell MYSELF when my teeth are chattering!!!)

Laura said...

Carol - Thank you! I appreciate it.

VirtualImpax - I'm glad I don't have to eat whale fat! :) One of the many things I'm thankful for.

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