Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Fast: Day 2 (38 days to go!) - 4.2 lbs lost so far

Jack LaLanne's Power JuicerI'm hungry! That pretty much sums it all up. I've been hungry all day.

The first thing I did this morning was to weigh myself and I'm happy to report I lost 4.2 lbs!

After fixing my teenager's lunch and my toddler's breakfast, Paul and I had our breakfast: A Pop-a-Purple along with a glass of freshly extracted juice (carrots, tomato, celery and apple).

At work this morning, one of my coworkers offered me a handful of white chocolate-covered pretzels and I said, "No thank you."

In the past, I've told my coworkers I was fasting but this time I've decided to keep it to myself. It makes things easier for me because I'm not having to constantly defend the reasons why I'm fasting and listen to them say, "You shouldn't do that!" I don't know how long I can keep it a secret but I intend to keep it on the down low as long as I can.

Every day at lunch time, wonderful aromas start filling the air. People are either warming their food up in the microwave or they go out for lunch and bring it back to the office. Three of my coworkers walked over to the campus kiosk to get lunch and brought it back to their desks to eat.

As soon as my coworkers returned with their food, I made my exit. On my way out the door, I dug through my purse and found a stick of gum to help me in my moment of weakness. It worked!

Fortunately, I live 3 miles from where I work so I'm able to go home for lunch everyday. I fixed my 18 month old son, Brady, lunch and then Paul and I sat down with a glass of grape juice and watched Brady run around.

The rest of the day was run-of-the-mill normal so there's nothing else to report. I did manage to drink more water today (3 - 20 oz. bottles of water) so that's good.

I feel good. I'm not hungry right now so that's good. I'm going to bed now and that's real good! Good night!

Today's Stats

Weight: 236.6 / Total Lost: 4.2 lbs. / BF: 44.4%


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Anonymous said...


that's all I got :)

following YOU so could NOT do myself.


The Fitness Diva said...

Good luck on your fast! Those are not easy!

Petula said...

Good luck on your fast. The weight loss is great. I've lost 30 pounds since January and will be trying a new program soon. Maybe you'd like to check out my post about it (http://www.petulaw.com/2008/10/shedding-pounds.html) or just stop by to say hello anytime! :D

Susan Cook said...

I've been following it on your husband's blog too. I can't believe you're doing it for 40 days! When I first heard about it I was thinking like a week. Wow 40 days is a long time! Good luck to you guys :)

Laura said...

Mizfit - Girl, I know what you mean.

Fitness Diva - Thanks! I haven't had a hard time today but you're right, fasting is not easy.

Petula - Thanks! Congratulations on your weight loss. That's awesome! I'll definitely check out your site.

Sue - Thanks! I've never done a fast for that long so hopefully I can do it.

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