Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Amy Parham is not The Biggest Loser

Amy ParhamAnother one bites the dust.

Amy Parham, 40-year-old real estate agent from Greer, SC., was voted off last night by the blue team.

The blue team lost the least amount of body percentage weight so they were forced to send a team member home. Heba, Vicky and Brady, formed an alliance at the start of the season so I knew it would either be Amy P. or Amy C. that was sent home. It became obvious Amy P. was going home because Heba can't stand Amy P.'s husband, Phillip (the feeling is mutual), and knew sending her home would hurt him. The final vote tally was 3 votes for Amy P. and 2 votes for Brady (Amy P. and Amy C.'s votes).

Amy started The Biggest Loser weighing 229 pounds and wearing size 20 clothes. She is now wearing a size 8! Amy's goal for the finale is to weigh 130 pounds. At the beginning of the season, Amy couldn't even walk on the treadmill for five minutes. Six weeks later, she was running and walking on the treadmill for hours. I'm always amazed with how quickly the human body responds to exercise. It's amazing!

Following is Amy's "Where Are They Now?" video transcript:
When I came to The Biggest Loser ranch, I was a size 20. Now I'm a size 8!

The life I'm living now is something that I thought I'd lost forever. Since I've left The Biggest Loser ranch, my life has really improved.

I always wanted to look pretty in clothes. I always wanted to wear the cute little stylish clothes and now I can go shopping and buy the cute little tops, the leggings, and cute jeans, and feel comfortable in them.

It always makes you feel good when your kids are proud of you. And so, it made me feel good when I came out in those outfits and they said, "Wow, Mom. That looks really good."

I feel like I'm a much better mom, now that I've lost this weight.

Going horseback riding is something I would have never considered before because I would be concerned for the horse!

Horses have a calming influence on autistic children.

Rhett: "I can do so much more stuff with my mom now. "

Rhett to his mom: "I love riding horses with you, Mom."

Amy: "You do?"

Rhett: "Yeah."

Amy: "I love you, Rhett."

Rhett: "I love my new skinny mom."

When Rhett was diagnosed, I really gave up a lot of dreams for him. And I gave up a lot of dreams for myself.

And so now, going through this experience, I feel like a lot of those dreams are coming back to me. And I'm real excited about that.

--Amy Parham
Now at home, Amy works out for 3-1/2 hours every day. Her trainer, DJ Jordan of Carolina Fitness Center, has Amy weight training three days per week and on the other days doing intense cardio.

If interested, you can watch Amy and Phillip's profile video here.
You can watch Amy's "Where Are They Now?" video below or click it here.

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Anonymous said...

That's one helluva willpower there! It never ceases to amaze me how that show always produced the best success stories. I guess the best ones are made of sheer determination to fight the urge to wallow in junk eating habits eh?
Yep, she's not the biggest loser, but she definitely put up a fight!

Laura said...

HealthReporter - I love the show too! My favorite part is watching the contestants' physical transformation. I heard they work out 5-6 hours a day, so it's no wonder!

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