Thursday, May 17, 2012

2 Week Progress Report

I lost 3-1/2 pounds this week for a total of 13 pounds! I'm very excited and I feel great! I took my measurements again and I lost an additional 3 inches for a total of 5-3/4 inches!

One thing I noticed this week was a decreased appetite so I only ate two meals a day: breakfast and dinner. And by dinner, I really mean a late lunch... around 4:00pm. I haven't been the least bit hungry for lunch and when I eat my last meal of the day, I stay satisfied well into the evening. I'll let you know if this pattern continues.

Another thing: I don't think I'll be able to continue drinking the AIM ProPeas® and fit ’n fiber® Shakes. If you like smoothies etc., you might like it. I'm just not a smoothie or fruit juice drinker. Perhaps I just didn't give myself enough time to adjust to it but the truth is, I've never been a replacement shake-type person. It's just not my thing. Many years ago, I did Slim-Fast®. I used to make myself drink those horrible chocolate shakes. I can still remember the taste. Also, several years ago I did the Body-for-LIFE® 12-week challenge and drank EAS® protein shakes. Again, I just made myself drink them because the program required it. The only kind of shake I like is a chocolate milkshake... the real stuff! And I can't drink that if I want to reach my goal. Thankfully, I'm not craving them either! My sweet treat is my Low Carb Cheesecake Cupcakes and they satisfy me my sweet cravings.

I am still taking AIM BarleyLife® capsules daily and it is a huge help. I believe taking BarleyLife® is one of the reasons I'm not hungry at lunch time or experiencing any cravings. BarleyLife® also ensures I'm getting all the vital nutrition my body needs.

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