Wednesday, May 9, 2012

When You Eat Right... It Works!

Here's my 1 week Progress Report: I've lost 9-1/2 pounds! That's right, folks, in one week, I have lost an entire dress size!
AIM ProPeas® and AIM fit ’n fiber® Shake
Being curious, I took my measurements this morning just to see if I had lost any inches.

Would you believe I lost an inch from my waist and an inch from my hips?! In total, I lost 2-3/4 inches! I was shocked but excited to see these results in only 7 days!

And the best part is, I didn't suffer doing it. There was not one time when I felt depressed or deprived. Like Tony the Tiger says, "I FEEL GREAT!!!"

Following is a typical day of what I ate this past week:

An hour before Breakfast: 7 - AIM BarleyLife® capsules

Breakfast: Spanish Omelet with Sausage Links

In Between: 7 - AIM BarleyLife® capsules
Spanish Omelet
Lunch: AIM ProPeas® and fit ’n fiber® Shake

In Between: Nothing but water! I actually stayed satisfied.

Dinner: Chicken Tortilla Soup (without the tortillas of course!)

Dessert: Low-Carb Cheesecake Cupcake 

And whenever I was thirsty, I drank water. No coffee (me no like), no soft drinks, nothing but cool, refreshing water. Sometimes I added a wedge of lemon to it. After doing this for only two days I found that I didn't miss drinking soft drinks at all. I was and am ecstatic! You see, I was in the habit of drinking a Diet Coke each and every morning... my coffee. I thought I was doing good -- drinking no-caffeine Diet Coke but the truth is, aspartame is terrible for you and even though I knew that, I drank it anyway... too much of it. Simply stated, I was addicted.

I feel great knowing that the only things I'm putting in my body are things that are good for me: Good supplements, good food, good meal replacements, and good water.

I feel very positive about what I achieved this last week and consequently, I am motivated to continue. Daily, I am faced with opportunities to eat something I shouldn't and yet I have abstained. This too has made me feel good about myself. It makes me feel confident thinking I can really do this!

Thanks for reading!

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