Monday, February 9, 2009

Circling The Wagons Around Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson showing off her voluptuous figureOkay, so Jessica Simpson has put on some weight. But in my opinion, she looks great!

Apparently, the bad press is getting to her because news reports are coming in that she is flubbing lines and crying on stage.

I just think it's a sad state-of-affairs the way the media and others treat celebrities when they pack on a few extra pounds.

Marilyn MonroeTake a look at the picture of Marilyn Monroe and tell me she's not gorgeous. She was voluptuous and incredibly sexy.

I was pleased to hear Ashlee Simpson, Pete Wentz, Nick Lachey, Kim Kardashian, Heidi Klum, and Carmen Electra all circled the wagons around Jessica.

Jessica Simpson showing off her Daisy DukesHere's a recent photo of Jessica Simpson performing on stage in Madison, Wisconsin, last Saturday night. Again, I think she looks terrific.

Though I think she is a beautiful woman, I am not a Jessica Simpson fan. I never watched her reality TV show, any of her movies, and have never listened to any of her music, but I wanted to weigh-in (pun intended) on all the fuss about her weight gain.

So, what do you think?

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Paul Eilers said...

I do think the media scrutiny of celebrities is over the top.

Being too thin is not healthy either.

Anonymous said...

I don't cherish the feeling of hugging a skeleton. Being thin is not sexy.

Sandee said...

I think she looks great too. I like a little meat on the bones if you will. Hollywood usually gets everything so wrong don't they.

Have a terrific day. :)

Natalie said...

She looks great. That was a terrible wardrobe choice...skinny or not. But she looks fantastic and healthy...NOT fat. The press needs to get a life and leave her alone.

Anonymous said...

She's still, what, a size 8? Give me a break. I'd kill to look like her. Hollywood needs to chill out. This is why we have young girls with eating disorders - they are made to think that people who look like THIS are fat. That's terrible.

Unknown said...

I am not at all a fan of Simpson but the media is ridiculous! If stars are too thin the media talks trash about them, stars put on weight the media talks about them. WHATEVER! Jessica should do whatever works for her, screw the media!

Anonymous said...

She definitely deserves what she got from the media. After years of marketing herself as a "sexy" artist and flaunting her "sex appeal" everywhere, she comes out chubby and you think people are not going to notice.

Da Old Man said...

She looks pretty darn good.

Anonymous said...

We are always hearing of Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo sightings at some great Dallas restaurants - she evidently likes steak. I think she just needs some better fitting jeans.

Unknown said...

Leave Jessica alone -she looks just fine!

Better in my opiniion with the extra weight and if people hate her body type...

Then why do women want to look like Jessica Simpson?

Wanda said...

I think Jessica looks great! She looks healthy.

Laura, I left an award for you on my blog.

Jackie said...

You know first off everyone needs to consider that the camera itself makes you look heavier than you do in real life.

Second thing is that she looks healthy and I think very lovely.

Why is it such a disgrace nowadays for a woman to have curves?

Do we all have to look like boys to be considered sexy?

Muscled arms. abs, no waist line because there can't be any hips, rail thin, and the list just goes on and on.

Personally i think she should be given recognition for being the real person she is and not the girl that was most likely starving herself to be so thin.

Eating disorders are completely out of hand in this country.

I mean come on when you're criticized for even being a size far do we have to go?

I think she looks great!!:-)

jh said...

If anything, she should be condemned for wearing the ugliest and most unflattering pair of jeans ever, but come on-is there nothing else going on that we have to focus on this?

boda weight loss

Anonymous said...

The outfit (in top photo) is just not flattering regardless of shape.

I never really understood Marilyn's appeal apart from the highly sultry sex kitten thing.

What amazes me is to look back over centuries to see what was considered beautiful. I wonder how long our obsession with stick figures will last? Do you think it has anything to do with the wide-spread wearing of slacks by women?

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

I think she looks fine -- it's nice to see a woman look like a woman and not like a stick. But those clothes??? Ugh. Not flattering.

Guide To Life For Women Author - TR Hughes said...

Jessica is definitely not fat. She is tone and healthy. It is quite sad to see how the media distorts the public opinion. Are there not more newsworthy topics of interest to focus on? PS. I agree that the wardrobe choice leaves little to be desired.

Anonymous said...

I just don't understand why the media cares that she may have gained a couple of pounds ...
Does this coverage really sell more magazines & make money?
It's ridiculous -

Celene said...

I think she looks great, too. I don't care for the high waisted mommy jeans on her (or anyone) but there is nothing wrong with a few curves. Hollywood needs to get a grip! Blessings, Celene

CastoCreations said...

I WISH I looked that good!!! She's got curves and curves are natural and good. Any NORMAL human would appreciate how good she looks

Laura said...

Paul - Bad news is good news, right? You rarely hear anything positive from the media it seems. I agree, being too thin is certainly not healthy.

Joel - Me either! I'm always tad-bit scared to hug a very thin person. I know it sounds gay, but I like curvy women. I'm just sayin.

Sandee - Yeah, I like meaty bones too. Paul says he'd like to get down to 190. I said, "Oh no... I don't like skinny men!" I think I've convinced him to stop at 200.

Natalie - I don't like high-waisted jeans and the belts are not my style either. I agree, the press needs to find something worth reporting. She looks fabulous!

Sadie - I know! It's unreal. Hahahaha! I'd absolutely love to look as good as she does right now. And you're right, it's a terrible message being sent to young impressionable girls.

Regina - You got it! All the magazines in the checkout line feature either 'too-skinny' or 'too-fat' celebrities. I guess trashing celebrities is what sells magazines. It's sickening.

BillyJean - Celebrities are walking billboards. I'm always amazed when they go out in public looking awful. If a female celebrity gains 10 pounds, they start talking about a baby bump. It's ridiculous.

Da Old Man - Yup, I agree. She looks fantastic.

Kim - From what I read, she is very happy with her body and weight and madly in love with her man. I also read where Tony hit the road to be with her at her concert for moral support.

Evelyn - I think she looks great too. There is a multitude of women that would love to look like her.

Wanda - Thank you for the award! :) And thanks for taking the time to comment too.

Shinade - I know! It's a crying shame really. The media needs to lay off that's for sure (of course they won't). They did the same thing to Britney Spears when she did her little comeback and I thought she looked great. I'm with you, curves are beautiful and very sexy.

JH - Exactly. Bad wardrobe choice, that's all.

Carol @ SheLives - I agree, the jeans are awful. Stick figures - yuck. When I watch America's Next Top Model and see how skinny the girls are, I cringe. Most starve themselves to look like that. I don't know about the slacks thing. One thing for sure, you can't have any fat to look good in slacks.

Susan Helene Gottfried - I know, awful jeans. Please, please, please fashion people... Don't let high-waisted jeans come back in style!

TR Hughes - Jessica looks great. I think the weight she's gained suits her just fine.

Dawn - I know! It's absolutely disgusting. But if you notice, it's all the celebrity magazines talk about.

Celene - You're right, Hollywood definitely needs to get a grip. They only leave celebrities alone when they're stick-thin.

CastoCreations - Right on! Jessica's hot. What else is there to say? Curves are va-va-voom!

Unknown said...

It is truly unfortunate that the media and the public make such a big deal of how people look. They take pleasure in being able to degrade someone for looking normal. Ok, the outfit is not flattering, but she looks healthy and average-size. Why does news like this get so much attention? Why are we so obsessed?

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