Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Renee Wilson Is Not The Biggest Loser

Although Renee Wilson will not win The Biggest Loser title, she accomplished quite a bit while on the show. Throughout this season, I have found myself growing more and more fond of Renee and hated to see her go home.

The 46-year-old event manager from Dallas, TX, started The Biggest Loser weighing 267 pounds (see picture to the left) and wearing size 22 clothes. Eleven weeks later and 72 pounds lighter, Renee left the show weighing 195 pounds! I will upload Renee's after picture as soon as it is available on The Biggest Loser website. I watched her "Where Are They Now?" video tonight and she looks fantastic.

After being home for two months, Renee lost an additional 23 pounds and at the filming of her "Where Are They Now?" video, she weighed 172 pounds and was wearing a size 8! Renee's goal is to be wearing a size 6 at the show's finale.

It was fun watching tonight's show because the five contestants all got a makeover in New York City and also got to appear on The Tyra Banks Show.

At the weigh-in, Renee lost 4 pounds (2.01% loss). Unfortunately, it wasn't enough and she dropped below the yellow line. Ed lost the least amount of weight - 3 pounds (1.19% loss) and also dropped below the yellow line. Heba voted for Renee to go home and Michelle voted for Ed to go home. Vicki, as the swing voter, tipped the scales in Ed's favor and sent Renee home.

Even though I don't like Vicki, I admired her loyalty to the blue team. She would've been a better game player to send Ed home since he is by far the biggest threat to win The Biggest Loser title. By voting for Renee to be sent home, she sealed her fate as either the third place finisher or the person to be sent home next week.

Next week's show is the final show prior to the finale. If you get a chance, tune in because America will be calling in their votes to decide who the third and final player will be in the finale.

Following is Renee's "Where Are They Now?" video transcript:
Before The Biggest Loser I had a hard time loving myself. I had a hard time looking in the mirror and loving the person I saw.

I've been away from the ranch for two months now and I've lost a total of 95 pounds.

Now that I've accomplished so much in losing weight, I feel like I have the self confidence that I've never had before.

I wanted to share my experiences with people so I've been given the opportunity to do some public speaking. (Video shows Renee giving a speech.)

And on top of that, I've also been able to lead a fitness group at my work. (Video shows Renee leading a workout session.)

And to top it off, today is my birthday! (Video shows someone putting a birthday cake in front of Renee with the numbers '95' on top.

Renee's husband, Roderick, to Renee: "Okay, so the candles represent the amount of weight you've lost and not your age." Roderick to the interviewer: "To me, I've got like almost like a new wife - same loving person, very beautiful but now the physical aspect is so dynamic."

The Biggest Loser didn't just change my life, it gave me my life back.

And for the first time on my birthday, I can't even think of another thing I could wish for.

--Renee Wilson

If interested, you can watch Renee and Michelle's profile video here. You can also watch Renee's "Where Are They Now?" video below or by clicking here.

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ImitationAngel said...

I missed it again. I keep forgetting to set a reminder so I wouldn't miss that show. I'm actually watching the Tyra show where she gave the final 5 makeovers.

I'm not a fan of Vicki but I'll agree with you. Her loyalty will most likely be her downfall.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately we don't have this show over here. But I have to say that I so respect and admire these people - they have guts.

Anonymous said...

I liked Renee and her daughter, and am happy they were able to do this whole process together for this long. Healing their relationship, I believe, was the reward Renee was truly after anyway! Losing the weight was a wonderful bonus! Even though I'm very impressed with Ed's weight loss - I so want Renee's daughter to win! She is just so adorable!


I have never seen this show but heard a lot about it. Those pictures are just amazing!

Laura said...

Angel - I know how you feel. I'm always missing one show or another. Yeah, Vicky will either go home next Tuesday or she'll end up third place. Ed and Heba will beat her out on weight loss.

Lucy - I hate it you can't tune in. It's a great show. I respect the heck out of them too.

Dawn - I know! I cried just about everytime Renee cried about their relationship. She's such a sweetie. But what really impressed me about her is her incredible fortitude and strength - she's so dang tough!

Health Nut Wannabee Mom - The show is great - very inspirational.

Susan Cook said...

I watch it sometimes. My 12 year old son actually really likes this show! We actually watched this one the other night. And when he turned it on he knew all about it. I guess he watches on the tv down cellar sometimes. I didn't even know - lol!

Laura said...

Sue - I'm glad to hear your son watches it. I'm sure he's learning a lot about health, nutrition, and exercise and best of all - he's being entertained while he learns all this stuff! :)

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