Sunday, October 12, 2008

Fast: Day 7 (33 days to go) - 11.6 lbs so far

Jack LaLanne's Power JuicerAfter weighing this morning, I'm happy to report I've lost .6 pounds, for a total loss of 11.6 pounds.

I didn't juice again today. My day was so hectic, I just didn't get around to it. We arrived at Mom's house at 2 o'clock this afternoon and got back home at 6 o'clock this evening. Everyone had a good time and it was great visiting with the family.

I wasn't tempted to eat anything (so no gum chewing was necessary), though everything looked good.

I'd like to write more but (yawn) I'm tired and want to go night-night.

So, until tomorrow...

Today's Stats

Weight: 229.2 / Total Lost: 11.6 lbs.


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You rock! Congratulations! I am so, so impressed.

Laura said...

Heidi - Thanks! :)

Felicia said...

Congrats on your loss! Thats wonderful.

Have a super week!

Jackie said...

Wow congratulations. I had lost 16lbs. and then I got sick with pneumonia.

The DR. put me on a week of Steroids and I am eating everything I can get my hands on.


Happy week:-)

Laura said...

Felicia - Thank you! I appreciate it. I hope you have a great week too. :)

Shinade - Thanks! I'm sorry to hear you got pneumonia. I'm sure you'll lose the weight once you're back to normal. Get well soon! :)

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