Friday, September 26, 2008

Together, Adam and Stacey Capers Have Lost 116 Pounds!

Adam CapersAdam and Stacey Capers were the first couple eliminated last week on The Biggest Loser. Adam lost 19 pounds his first week on the show and Stacey lost 9 pounds.

You might think losing 28 pounds would be enough to keep them in the competition, but their tireless work ethic in the gym ended up being the reason they were voted off. The other teams viewed Adam and Stacey as the biggest threat.

"I've struggled all of my life trying to lose weight, and to lose nine pounds in one week... I can't tell you how great that feels and I think just in the short amount of time on the show it strengthened our relationship," an emotional Stacey said following the elimination. "I learned how determined Adam is, how strong he is, how much he really loves me. I mean he's really just a great guy."

Stacey CapersSince their elimination, Adam and Stacey have gone on to lose 78 more pounds for a total loss of 116 pounds!

Adam weighed 340 pounds at the beginning of the show and now weighs 277 pounds. He started out wearing size 50 pants and now wears size 38. Adam hopes to reach his goal weight of 220 pounds by the time the finale show airs.
Stacey weighed 221 pounds at the beginning of the show and now weighs 168 pounds. Concerning her goal weight, Stacey said, "I have never been this small in my life. All I can do is continue to push through and see where I can get before I start looking real crazy."

They look absolutely fantastic! They appeared together on The Today Show recently. You can watch the video here. Also, you can watch The Biggest Loser's "Where Are They Now?" video here.

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Anonymous said...

What can I say - "WOW"! I am on my own weightloss journey, so I can appreciate this post. Makes me want to work a little bit harder, because the pot of gold is truly at the end.

Anonymous said...

Wow,really cool that they decided to continue their weight loss after the show! They look great!

Rachel said...

This is amazing, very inspiring!

ImitationAngel said...

That is amazing. Very inspirational. I can learn something from them on my own journey.

Laura said...

Noreena - I know! What they have accomplished is incredible and seeing them do it together is really cool.

Leo - I agree, they look fantastic. I always look forward to the finale when you get to see all the awesome changes in everyone.

Rachel - I agree. I get inspired every time I read these kind of stories.

ImitationAngel - You're right, it's very inspirational. I'm glad to hear you're learning from their experiences. I get a lot out of these weight loss stories too - especially reading how they go through the same ups and downs as everyone else as they strive toward their goals.

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