Thursday, September 25, 2008

Tom & LT Desrochers: First Team Eliminated from Season 6' s Biggest Loser

Tom Desrochers Sr.
Tom Sr.:

Before I got to The Biggest Loser, I thought about going to work, eating, and sleeping. Since The Biggest Loser, I've learned I actually like going to the gym, it makes me feel good afterwards.

And my high blood pressure, my high cholesterol, my diabetes.. it's all gone. And it feels so good to get up and not have to take nine pills in the morning.

Now when I go to work and I drive my taxi cab, it's a lot easier. My legs don't fall asleep anymore because my stomach is disappearing. And I make more money now because I don't take as long doing what I used to do before. So getting healthy made taxi driving a lot easier.

A 24 Hour Fitness trainer came into my kitchen and pantry and went through the foods with us and showed us healthy changes that we could be making to get the most out what we're eating nutritionally.

My whole family is overweight. I sit here and sometimes I feel guilty because I'm the one that brought all this bad food into the house. Rather than being a dad, I was trying to be their friend giving them ice cream and snacks they shouldn't have had. Instead, I should've been a dad and been like, "You know what, this is not good. This is what you need to be doing and I didn't do that. But now I get a second chance.

It's coming together really nice and everybody's getting healthier and it's a great feeling. Everybody out there can do this. You just change your attitude a little bit. You take the two words "I can't" and just take the 't' off of it and make it "I can". You can do it. It's inside of everybody. You just have to get it out. I was lucky enough to get on The Biggest Loser and they showed me what to do. The rest of you that are watching out there can do the same thing.
Tom Desrochers Jr.
Tom Jr. aka "LT":

It's incredible how the good stuff actually fuels my system alot better than the junk food I used to eat.

I can actually feel the difference. I can feel it. I have more energy. I'm not tired as much - even when I'm out with my kids coaching.

We've learned how to get a full body workout in 30 to 35 minutes. I'm really looking forward to the finale to The Biggest Loser. I'm probably going to win the 'at home' prize - that's my opinion.
You can watch Tom Sr. and Tom Jr.'s "Where Are They Now?" video here.

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