Saturday, June 28, 2008

Hoopnotica - The Latest Fitness Craze

HoopnoticaTake off pounds with the hooping trend taking Tinseltown by storm. Stars like Beyonce Knowles, Kate Moss, and Sandra Oh are crazy about it. Touted as "Part Dance, Part Exercise, and All Fun". It's called Hoopnotica.

Remember hula hooping when you were a kid? This hoop is made for adults (larger and heavier) and comes with an instructional DVD.

I don't know how many calories you can burn hooping but it looks like fun!

For all the details, visit Hoopnotica's site.

Check out the YouTube video here.

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I used to love to hula hoop~ When I was a kid I could hula hoop for hours. Sounds fun.

Anonymous said...

Yeah...I've heard about this. I used to love "hoola-hoopin". I may just have to give it a "whirl". Hehe :P

Great post! As always...

Laura said...

I loved hula hooping when I was a little girl too! It looks like fun - I may have to try it out. :) Yesterday, was the first time I'd heard about it. Apparently, it's been around for over a year.

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