Friday, June 27, 2008

Can You 'Think' Your Way To A Healthier Lifestyle?

The ThinkerA recent study in the Journal of Applied Biobehavioral Research shows how “directed thinking” led to an increase in exercise performance and fitness in sedentary college students.

The study consisted of 61 college students who did not exercise on a regular basis or exercised inconsistently.

Researchers asked some of the participants to list ideas in the "Actions" category (actions they could take to increase exercise performance - Ex: join a gym or work out with a friend).

Other participants were asked to list ideas in the "Reasons" category (why they should increase their performance in a target exercise - Ex: to lose weight or be healthier)

Their findings were very interesting. The students who thought about the actions they could take to increase exercise, led to an increase in exercise and improved cardiovascular fitness. However, the students who thought about the reasons why they should do exercise, did not increase time spent exercising.

“Our results suggest that people who are out of shape and at risk for serious health problems may be able to think their own way out of their unhealthy lifestyle and onto the path towards better physical fitness,” the authors conclude. “It could change the way that people think about motivating themselves and others.”

Read the entire article here.

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Anonymous said...

To quote "Secret" the movie - "Thoughts become things".

Sit down and think about being healthy and fit and you will feel healthy and fit.

The opportunity to be physically active won't go annoticed as you tune in your thoughts to fitness and health.

Before my workouts, I always visualize it.

It does wonders.

This is what I believe:

Plant a thought, reap an action
Plant an action, reap a habit
Plant a habit, reap your destiny

Think happy and healthy thoughts!

Laura said...

Hi Denis! Thanks for the 'thoughtful' comment. :) I agree wholeheartedly. Visualization is very important.

Anonymous said...

My best friend always told me "you are what you think about most."


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