Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I Voted!

LauraPaul and BradyWe just got back from voting. See my "I Voted" sticker? Yes, even adults like getting a sticker.

We decided to go at 3pm hoping it would be a slower time. Luckily, we were right! There was no line at all.

Our son, Brady, had to help Daddy vote.

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Unknown said...

My oldest son voted for the first time! I remember when he was young and I took him with me to vote! It's a great lesson for them!

Anonymous said...

I think it is crazy cool, that so many people are participating in the democratic process here in the U.S.!!
Congrat's on voting -

Jackie said...

Great to see most voted.

Found it strange though how voting done there. We do it in private for confidentiality.

Laura said...

Doris - That's cool! My daughter voted for the first time too.

Dawn - I was excited to see the numbers of new voters.

Jackie - I remember when we used to go into a booth and shut the curtain. But it's still private. No one stands around you or behind you.

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