Monday, November 3, 2008

I Confess... I'm a Political Junkie

It's true, I'm a political junkie. In high school, my favorite class was Civics. If you catch me watching TV, nine times out of ten, it'll be the news - and politics in particular.

The New York Post has published a graphic map for election day that highlights the battleground states, with poll closing times, and trends to watch for as the evening unfolds. I thought it was pretty cool.

How To Watch The Election
I'm conservative, so McCain's my man. The fact that he's the underdog is just icing on the cake. The presidential election is something I always look forward to. I'll be glued to the tube all night long.

I wonder if the prediction I made many months ago will be correct. I told my husband we'll go to bed election night and still not know who the president is. I think it's gonna be a nail biter.

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Blogger said...

I'm a political junkie, too and tomorrow is my birthday, so even better:)

Don't forget to get your free coffee at Starbucks!

Found you via Entrecard.


Anonymous said...

I do believe this election will be a nailbiter, in spite of the expectation that Obama will win in an landslide.

This thing isn't over by a long shot.

And, yeah, I like the underdog, too!

Anonymous said...

I'm obviously pulling for McCain. I've got plans to have the coffee brewing for a late night.

Just remember, don't put too much weight on the exit polls. They always skew to the Democrat candidate. 2004 was a great example of that.

Get out and vote! :)

Barry said...

I'm a Canadian but I have to confess this election has captured my imagination as well.

I won't be unhappy to see the end of the negative advertising that this campaign has generated.

It may win a candidate a few more votes but at the risk of turning off a sizable chunk of the population.

Cascia Talbert said...

My husband thinks that we will have a repeat of the 2000 election. I don't know. The media sure thinks that Obama is going to win and all the polls reflect that as well. But like you I am rooting for McCain. We'll see. I'll be glued to the television this evening as well.

Laura said...

Bella - Happy birthday! I don't drink coffee but it's pretty cool of Starbucks to do that. Thanks for stopping by!

Hawg - We're in agreement then. Thanks for commenting!

Matt - I agree with you. I pay little attention to polls. Have you read this article from NewsMax: "Why Obama Will Lose Today"? Also, Marston Chronicles is predicting a landslide for McCain. Pretty interesting stuff.

Barry - Yeah, I agree. You should be able to state the facts without being so negative. I'll be glad when this election cycle is over too.

Cascia - I think it will be like 2000 again too. We'll see! Thanks for stopping by.

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