Saturday, October 18, 2008

Chef Wins Prize For Eating Belly Buster

Brad SciulloMan! The thought of one person eating so much food makes me ill. But alas, this is the life of a competitive eater.

Imagine eating 30 hamburgers at one sitting. That's about what 21-year-old Brad Sciullo, of Uniontown, PA, ate Monday when he became the first person to finish the 15-pound burger (with another 5.2 pounds of toppings) on the menu at Denny's Beer Barrel Pub in Clearfield, PA.

Scuillo, a 5-foot-11-inch, 180-pound competitive eater, works as a chef at Pasta Lorenzo's in South Union. He said he decided on a whim to take on the "buster" to take advantage of his preparation for the pizza contest. He usually practices by stuffing himself in spurts, then relying on a liquid diet for two days before a competition.

He ate the $50 Beer Barrel Belly Buster in four hours and 39 minutes, beating by 21 minutes the time limit set by the restaurant to win $400, a certificate and three T-shirts.

A team of two usually tries to eat the 15-pounder, he said, but nobody's come close. After almost five hours of chewing, Sciullo said he was wiped out.

"You sit on the steps of the restaurant and feel like you got beat up by eight people," he said.

As is customary in such challenges, Sciullo was appointed a pub escort. Philip Fimon, a cook, stayed with Sciullo through the eating frenzy, even going with him to the bathroom three times to make sure he didn't throw up, Liegey said.

Sciullo's feat follows his first-place ranking by eating 20 cannolis in six minutes at the Feast of San Gennaro in New York City on Sept. 12. He's also been in timed contests for munching wings, hot dogs and shoofly pie.

The 15-pounder isn't the only burger offered for competition at Denny's. Patrons also can dine on 6, 3 and 2-pound sandwiches. And, believe it or not, Denny's has an even larger burger, The Belly Bruiser, on the menu. Costing $179, it features two 25-pound beef patties, four pounds of cheese, five heads of lettuce, a couple of onions, a cup of peppers, a jar of relish, and loads of ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise - all between two made-to-order buns.

Like the 15-pound Belly Buster and the 6-pound Olde 96er, The Belly Bruiser must be ordered 24 hours in advance.

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Paul Eilers said...


I don't think I could eat that much in a week!

Anonymous said...

An amazing accomplishment. I think.

ImitationAngel said...

Wow! Kudos to him. I know I can never do anything like that.

Cat in the Foxgloves said...

Oh that makes me feel ill....

Anonymous said...

Wow! That is amazing! We had a place like that in Ft. Smith, AR but I think it was only 10 lbs and basically the burger could feed a family of four.

Unknown said...

He got four hundred dollars and t-shirt for eating 15 pounds. I don't think his future healthy problems are worth it.

The Fitness Diva said...

Can't you kill yourself doing that?

Debt Dieter said...

I've always found those ridiculous sized meals and competitive eating things one of those 'only in America' type scenarios.

William M. said... about an impacted colon!

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