Monday, May 12, 2008

I Love Being a Mama!

My Mother's Day Card-front
My Mother's Day Card-back
I know I'm biased, but I really do have the best kids in the world. Look at the precious Mother's Day card they made for me.

My kids make my heart glad. I have often told them that being a mother has been the greatest joy of my life. I also hope to one day have many grandchildren, though not right away!

Rachael, age 26, is a college sophomore and will soonRachael Smith be accepted into the nursing program at UACCM. She has many gifts and talents, one of them being her tremendous creativity. Her website, RNS Designs, is filled with many examples of her artistic abilities. Rachael and her husband, Terry, are living with us while she attends college and he drives over the road.

Dylan PolkDylan, age 15, is currently a freshman. He is 6 foot 2, weighs 223 pounds, wears a size 14 shoe, and eats like there is no tomorrow. Right after eating lunch, he'll ask what we're having for dinner! His favorite thing to do besides playing football is eating out, as long as someone else is buying! Dylan has a wonderful imagination and is very funny. He hasn't yet figured out what he wants to be when he grows up, but I've assured him that he has plenty of time to figure it out.

Brady, age 1, is currently the apple of everyone's eye - in our household anyway. While I was pregnant, I often wondered what our family unit was going to be like with the age gaps between the kids. I am happy to say that it has been wonderful!

Rachael is Brady's second mama, since she has been babysitting him since he was eight weeks old.Rachael Smith and Brady Eilers Brady's face lights up every time she walks into the room. Brady is currently learning how to walk and he always takes more steps when she is the one encouraging him. From early on, Rachael has always been able to make Brady laugh the hardest.

Dylan Polk and Brady EilersWhile I was pregnant with Brady, Dylan worried that he would be pushed out of the limelight and become the dreaded "middle child". He also wasn't too thrilled with the idea that he would no longer be the only son. However, from the moment Dylan held Brady in his arms, he was smitten. He loves playing with him every chance he gets. Whenever Brady wakes up from his nap, Dylan always rushes to be the one to get him out of his crib. One day, my husband, Paul, called me at work one afternoon. He reported that Dylan had made Brady a fort in the living room. I replied, "It has begun!" As a young child, Dylan loved making forts and now he has a reason to keep doing it!

Like I said, I absolutely love being a mom. On this Mother's Day, my children once again have made me realize how precious they are to me and how much I love them. "Children are a gift of the Lord. The fruit of the womb is His reward." Amen.

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