Tuesday, May 19, 2009

American Idol Finale Tonight: Will Cheese Dip Be The Difference?

Adam Lambert and Kris Allen - Who Will Be The Next American Idol?
American IdolAfter Kris sang 'Heartless', last Tuesday night, I said to myself... "Wow, he's in this thing to win it!" I think Kris has an excellent chance to be the next American Idol. I've been singing 'Heartless' for the last week. I'd never heard of it before Kris sang it.

I laughed out loud this morning when I read the story in the paper, "Kris Allen inspires free cheese dip".
In celebration of Conway resident Kris Allen's success on "American Idol," Stoby's in Conway will give its famous yellow cheese dip away free to everyone from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Tuesday and Wednesday, until it runs out.
Stoby's Famous Cheese DipToo funny! If you watch the video below, you will hear American Idol host, Ryan Seacrest, give a shout out to Stoby's famous cheese dip.

When Kris came to Conway to celebrate his homecoming, Stoby's closed their restaurant for 3 hours so that Kris and his family and friends could eat together. You can check out the pictures here. Stoby's is located three blocks from our house so we visit the restaurant frequently (99% of the time for their crushed ice)!

I'm looking forward to tonight's finale and yes, I'll be voting for Kris.

Who do you think will take the title?

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Sandee said...

I didn't know who was competing on American Idol before you started posting. I'm all for Kris because of you and Paul's great posts and support.

Have a terrific day. :)

Shelly said...

I was a Danny fan so in his absence I voted for Kris. I was hoping it would be Kris and Danny in the final.

Susan Cook said...

That's cool that they mentioned the restaurant right near your house.

Sorry though I totally want Adam to win. Can't even get through anyway. I've been trying to call non stop for almost 2 hours and have not gotten through once.

Unknown said...

I hope Kris, but feel like Adam is a star.

Laura said...

Sandee - I was up until midnight last night voting for Kris. Whew, I'm tired! :) Whether he wins or not, though, I'll be happy. While Kris is my 'boy', Adam is extremely talented.

Shelly - Yeah, I really love Danny. He and Kris' style are similar so I wonder if Danny's fans voted for Kris last night... we'll find out soon! :)

Sue - Adam is incredible. From the very beginning of the season I said, "Adam will be in the finale." Voting was tough last night for Kris too - I became weary of the busy signals. Adam and Kris are winners at this point so I'm happy for both of them, regardless of the outcome. Though, I pity the guy who has to release "No Boundaries" as their first single. Ugh, that song was excruciatingly awful!

Stacie's Madness - You're right, Adam is a star, and has been from the very beginning of the season. What I enjoyed was watching Kris become a star, blossoming before our eyes. :)

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