Sunday, January 4, 2009

Top 10 New Year's Resolutions

It's that time again!

Even though it grieves me that I'm starting another new year with my weight loss goal not met, I'm bounding with hope and resolve that this will be the year!

Through reading, I discovered that is featuring a "Top 10 New Year's ResolutionsTop 10 New Year's Resolutions" event. To cast a vote for your top New Year’s Resolution and see which ones are the most popular, go herehere.

Which of the following New Year's Resolutions do you plan on implementing?

Go Lean Bar#1: Lose WeightLose Weight

Turbo Tax#2: Get Your Finances In OrderGet Your Finances in Order

Rain Catcher#3: Go GreenerGo Greener

Bubble Gum Cigarettes#4: Curb Your VicesCurb Your Vices

Perfect Pushup#5: Get In ShapeGet In Shape

Family Game Night#6: Relax MoreRelax More

It's Called Work For A Reason#7: Pursue a New CareerPursue a New Career

Blackberry#8: Upgrade Your TechnologyUpgrade Your Technology

Gravity Freestanding Bike Stand#9: Organize and OptimizeOrganize and Optimize

Camera#10: Start a New HobbyStart a New Hobby

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Davida said...

I'm right up there with the #1 new year's resolution (I call them "goals")--LOSE WEIGHT. I should have voted for "get in shape" though because healthy living is really what's important. Honestly, right now, I just want to be able to stand myself in the mirror.

Happy New Year, Laura!


Laura said...

Davida - Oh boy, I'm with you. I just want to feel good about myself again... desperately! :) Thanks for commenting and Happy New Year to you too!

Sandee said...

All great resolutions, especially the quitting smoking one. I did that some years back and it's been the best thing I've ever done.

Have a terrific day. :)

Anonymous said...

#2 is the big one for me. Yeah.... if I could just cut up all those credit cards for good....

Credit card debt is the only thing stopping me from ruling the free world...

Workin' on it! :D

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, Laura!

Anonymous said...

11. Be content. Which eliminates the need for a lot of goals.

Anonymous said...

One of my biggest goals, is to keep working on enriching my relationship with my siblings. We are all in our 40's now ... and a lot of time has passed with us being busy raising our own families. It seems like we all sort of found ourselves on this same page, these last few months, and have been connecting SO MUCH MORE. It is pretty cool ... a real blessing!
Another priority is to keep working on the healthy lifestyle choices, which Craig and I are both on board with :-)
Probably traveling with Craig more, too. It's a passion we both have ... and it brings so much joy to us.
I guess it boils down to embracing each day and filling it with love!

Anonymous said...

I'm definitely going to try and save money this year and get rid of debt. I'm already losing weight, so I don't count that as a resolution. :)

Laura said...

Sandee - Congrats on kicking the smoking habit. That's a huge accomplishment!

Fitness Diva - I'm with you... Debt is a killer!

Bobo - Happy New Year to you too!

Carol - Good one! But not an easy one for me to do.

Dawn - That's cool! My three brothers and I are all in our 40's too. My youngest brother turns 40 this year. My grandmother told me that her 40s were her best years. I'm blessed that my side of the family lives in the same area (within an hour's drive). You're right - learning to live each day to the fullest is what it's all about. We should take nothing for granted and love everyone around us because none of us knows the number of our days.

Sadie - Congratulations on your continued weight loss! :) Like I said above, debt is a killer. Paying down your debt is a very smart thing to do.

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