Thursday, December 11, 2008

'Tis The Season!

A friend of mine sent me this video today. It's of an acapella group called Straight No Chaser. They are awesome!

Here's a link to the group singing Carol of the Bells, one of my all-time holiday favorites. Enjoy!

Christmas Traditions

After dinner tonight, we all hopped in the van and drove around town to look at the Christmas lights.

I don't know if it's my imagination or not, but it seems like less people are decorating their houses with Christmas lights.

Anyway, we hit the mother lode tonight. Check out this house!

Santa Land House

This is an incredible Christmas display and this picture doesn't do it justice. They even have a big screen tv in the front yard showing Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer! We're going to go back later and shoot a video of it.

Paul and Brady

Brady was having such a good time, he cried when we left.

Our House Decked Out for Christmas

Here's a picture of our house all decked out.

I love this time of year! :)


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bluecrystaldude said...

Oh my! I love festive season. With all the decorations, I really need to focus hard on the road while driving through residential areas. Not to mention all the shopping malls with tonnes of wonderful decoration!

Anonymous said...

My favorite part of Christmas is the lights! We drive around every weekend so the kids can see all the pretty houses.

Sadie said...

I love looking at the lights. On Thanksgiving weekend we drove down to the beach where they have lights set up all the way down on the boardwalk. It's the only time of year they allow you to drive on it. It was so neat! It was a "nautical Santa" theme. Definitely a different idea. :)

Anonymous said...

Loved the video of Straight No Chaser! We have not seen them before! Your house looks very beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Your house looks great; I love Christmas lights! My daughter and I are having huge fun decking our halls right now.

Anonymous said...

I wish the guy in our area still lit his house. He would put plexi-glass over his garage and create a whole North Pole scene with life size animatronics, his roof could be seen from the Highway with a North Star and Merry Xmas spelled out, driveway lined in 4 foot Candy Canes, front yard lit up, every window downstairs had moving elves, etc. and on weekends and some weeknights he would dress like Santa and hand out small trinket gifts. He must have moved, because his house has been dark the last two years, he was featured in local newspapers a few times - I think they said he worked for the electric company.

Laura said...

BlueCrystalDude - I love this time of year too - especially all the Christmas lights!

Kim - Me too! :) We did some more Christmas light cruising last night after the Christmas Parade downtown.

Sadie - Wow, that sounds like so much fun. Going to the beach is my all-time favorite destination (any time of the year)! We spent Christmas last year at Indian Beach, NC and loved it.

Barb (Gandalf and Grayson) - Aren't they awesome? I'd never heard of them before either but I'm going to have to buy their CD. My hubby and I are suckers for good Christmas music.

Liam - Thank you! I really enjoy decorating inside and outside. I hope you and your daughter had fun!

Emily - Wow, that neighbor of yours was really cool. I love seeing houses decked out to the max. Besides driving around looking at Christmas lights, I like watching those TV shows where they show people going 'all out' with their Christmas lights. My favorite is to find houses where their Christmas lights have no theme, just a bunch of lights thrown together - nothing matching - real wild and crazy stuff. I know... I'm weird. But my husband and kids are the same way so I'm not alone! :)

Anonymous said...

facing the x-mas, on count down, love to see your happy family, hv a great weekend.

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