Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Michelle Aguilar IS The Biggest Loser!

Michelle AguilarDon't mess with Texas!

Michelle Aguilar, a 27-year-old assistant director from Fort Worth, Texas, gained the title of Biggest Loser in Tuesday night's finale.

Michelle not only gained bragging rights but won $250,000 for her efforts. Cha-Ching!

Michelle lost 45.45% of her body weight, going from 242 pounds to a svelte 132 pounds!

But it's the back story that makes the victory so sweet.

You see, sweet unassuming Michelle, beat out two of the most conniving contestants in the show's history, Vicky and Heba.

First of all, it was left to America to vote and decide who the final third contestant would be. The choice was between Ed Brantley or his wife, Heba Salama. Ed pleaded with America to vote for Heba since according to Ed - this was Heba's dream and she deserved to be in the final. Heba also did her part by begging for votes.

Michelle and ReneeBut it wasn't to be. Ed won 84% of the vote - an overwhelming slam against Heba. With Ed being the third contestant, Heba was forced to compete for the lesser prize of $100,000, to win the title of "At Home Biggest Loser". Heba won the $100,000 prize by losing 46.94% of her body weight, going from 294 pounds to 156 pounds.

Afterward, asked why America voted against her, she said "I guess there are just a lot of negative people out there who don't like to see success."

Vicky VilcanVicky Vilcan, a 37-year-old nurse and mother from Houma, Louisiana, was this season's villain (aka Icky Vicky). She lost 41.06% of her body weight going from 246 pounds to 145 pounds.

In an interview after the show, Vicky said she was unfairly depicted on the show. While she said the producers could have portrayed her positively as a mother struggling to balance work and family and improve the health of her two children, they chose to portray her as a schemer.

Apparently, Vicky had to change her phone number due to the number of death threats she was receiving, and to this day continues to receive letters telling her what a horrible person she is.

"Most people hate my guts," Vicky said, later adding that perhaps people hated her because she was a determined competitor who knew what she wanted and wasn't about to let anyone stand in her way. "Women need to be strong and they need to use their heads."

Ed and HebaI was very surprised Ed Brantley came in second place. The 31-year-old chef from Raleigh, North Carolina, went from 335 pounds to 196 pounds, or 41.49% of his body weight. Had Ed pulled out the win, he and Heba would have walked away with $350,000!

A measly 14 pounds stood between Ed and $250,000! Man, that would be tough to live with. But honestly, I can't imagine him 14 pounds lighter. He looks great and so does Heba.

The next season of the hit NBC series, The Biggest Loser: Couples, kicks off Jan. 6, featuring, among others, the show's oldest contestants, two spouses who are both 63; a 379-pound woman, who will be the largest female to ever compete; and a 19-year-old young man who will be the show's heaviest contestant of all time at 454 pounds.

Also, if interested, The Biggest Loser is now casting for Season 8. Spread the word!

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Anonymous said...

that is remarkable
242 pounds to a svelte 132 pounds!

great for her and money on top of it. win, win.

i just need to lose 20.

Laura said...

Natural - I agree, Michelle looks awesome! I sure didn't think she would beat out Ed and win the prize but I'm glad she did. Thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

Wow hoping I can lose weight too...I have 175lbs last time and lose 35lbs only. So now I am 140lbs...but when I was young I am 118-119lbs only...

Sandee said...

Wow, they lost all this in on season? That's a lot of poundage.

I don't have television so never saw any of this.

Have a terrific day. :)

Anonymous said...

I am SO glad michelle won! I would have been so mad if Vicky won.

My sister voted (I didn't bother) and she voted for Ed for 2 reasons. 1 being that she disliked Heba as much as she disliked Vicky and 2 being that she didn't think Ed would beat Michelle but thought Heba could.

I think it's funny that they think America is negative and that editing creating these images when the things they said and did came out of their mouths and were their actions. Editing can't make you say nasty, rude things about other people.

I was so hoping Amy would have beat Heba since Heba was in Amy's face about Phil.

Oh well, at least they didn't walk away with all the money.


Anonymous said...

I was on the edge of my seat all night. The results were jaw dropping. I could not believe at how some of these people looked at the finale.

I am glad that Ed was placed in the final three. I was hoping that Michelle could beat him. I will admit that both Ed and Heba look absolutely amazing. They proved to be some very tough competitors.

I have more than my fair share of weight to lose and would love to be on the show. I doubt I would make it with my shy personality but the people who appear on the show can truly become inspirations to a lot of people.

Anonymous said...

I wasn't able to watch the show ... but was glad to hear that Michelle won.
She seemed to be there for the right reasons.
Honestly though ~ I'm a bit surprised Ed didn't win.
He doesn't even look like the same person, anymore!

Laura said...

Gengen - Congrats on losing 35! You have lost a significant amount of weight and as long as you don't quit you will reach your goal. Try not to get too stuck on a number. If you feel good about how you look that's what's important. When I was 14, I weighed 120 pounds and wore a size 7. I remember feeling very good about how I looked. If I weighed 120 pounds currently, people would think I'm anorexic and would be worried sick - begging me to eat. In other words, if I weighed between 145-150 pounds, I would look as good as I did when I was 14 and weighing 120 pounds. Make sense? Anyway, good luck to you and thanks for stopping by! :)

Sandee - Yup! They sure did. If I'm not mistaken, they have about seven months to reach their weight goals (3 months on the fat farm and 4 months at home). I'm guessing, as I haven't researched enough to be sure.

Kelly - I'm with you, girl! I couldn't have stood it either. I would've loved it if Amy P. had beat out Heba. I didn't bother to vote either - simply because I figured it didn't matter with them being married and all. I was so tickled Michelle beat Ed too but I was also surprised. Usually guys way-outperform girls when it comes to weight loss.

Angel - I know! That's why I watch this show year after year. I find it so darn inspiring to see people change inside-out. I thought Michelle was shy and that was one of the reasons I didn't see her making it to the end. I would LOVE to be on the show too but we need my paycheck to keep this boat afloat! :)

Dawn - I was surprised Ed didn't win too and you're right, he completely changed his looks. And how about Phil! I thought he looked fantastic.

Flo said...

This was a great one and I was glad to see Michelle win. You realize of course that both Michelle and Alli started on the ranch as the pink teams. I find that a funny coincidence.

Laura said...

Flo - GIRL POWER! :) Ain't it cool? Thanks for stopping by!

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