Friday, November 14, 2008

About Me: Not Just Any Right Wing Nut Job

Political Conservatives BlogI know what you're thinking... this is just another shameless plug for my husband's and my new blog, "Political Conservatives" - and you're right!

I thought some of you might like reading my About Me page as it relates to politics. If you'd like to read my husband, Paul's, About Me page, click here.

Have a great weekend everybody!


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Jackie said...

My very first vote cast wen I turned 18 was for President Reagen. I even campaigned for him.

However, the Republican party has swung so far right and become so polluted that I probably will never go back again.

I was a registered Republican for years. Then I changed to an Independent. Now even though I disagree with some things I am a dedicated Democrat.

The Republican party has Bush and Cheney to thank for that.

I am very proud to say that I voted for President elect Obama and every other Democrat that was on the ticket.

I am ready for a complete and total change in America. And I sincerely hope we get it!!

That's my opinion.

Have a good weekend:-)

Laura said...

Shinade - I can understand your disgust with the Republican party. In many ways, they are no different than Democrats. Bush is the biggest spender we've seen in quite some time. I hope Obama is a good President though I don't feel near as good about him being in charge as you do. Still, I am hoping for the best. Thanks for your comment!

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