Monday, September 29, 2008

My Baby Turned 18 Months Old Today!

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Paul Eilers said...

Honey, our little bundle of joy has had two gigantic stink stinks this morning!

The Fitness Diva said...

Wow! He's a big boy! You two are definitely feeding him right, eh?
Keep it up with the healthy veggies and good foods! (I guess he's old enough to eat that, right? I know NOTHING about kids
But anyway, he looks good, healthy and strong. Big enough to be 3 years old (they really grow tall nowadays).

Well wishes on his 1 and a half birthday!

Mike Golch said...

Happy Birthday to him!

Linda Hammelman said...

Happy Birthday Brady! I just saw you on Daddy's blog! You're a lucky boy.

Laura said...

Fitness Diva - Thanks! What's more amazing is that his parents have hung in there for 1-1/2 years! Whew, he's handful and I'm not exaggerating!

Paul - Thanks for sharing! How nice!

Mike - I'll pass on your well wishes. :)

Hammelmanart - Thanks! We're lucky to have him - he's a sweetie (and a handful - believe me). :)

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