Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Brady is Busy, Busy, Busy!

Brady EilersFollowing is a guest post from my wonderful husband, Paul, who is author of PaulsHealthBlog.com.

Some of you may not know, that my wife and I have a baby boy, Brady.

He's seventeen months old and extremely active. We're thankful he's so healthy, but we sure do have to work hard at staying one step ahead of him.

Once Brady started crawling, we began to "Brady proof" the house. We did all of the usual things, such as cover the electrical outlets, install cabinet locks and rearrange stuff. We also bought a couple of baby gates, which help us corral Brady into a certain area of the house. The gates have been an invaluable purchase!

We have spent entire weekends making the house safe for our little man. And every time we thought we were finally done, Brady would find something else to get into, and we would have to start on another project.

Brady started walking at thirteen months. Because he started walking late, I think he's been trying hard to make up for lost time!

Toilet LockPlaying in the toilet has been one of Brady's favorite activities. We didn't like the idea of having to install toilet locks. At first, we tried putting up a baby gate in the bathroom doorway to keep him out. But half the time we would forget to set it up, and would find Brady with both hands in the toilet, splashing away!

We then decided to install the toilet lock we had bought many months ago. We thought it might be quite involved. Turns out, it was easy to install - but hard for us to figure out how to use. Brady, on the other hand, was able to rip the lock off effortlessly. So off to the store again! We're happy to report the toilet lock we now use works like a charm (though the installation was much more involved). Another project completed and as a bonus, we have a more sanitary baby!

Toilet PaperOnce Brady realized he could no longer play in the toilet, he moved on to the toilet paper. So we had to take the toilet paper off the wall and keep it on top of the towel rack.

Now that Brady is walking, he can navigate the three steps down to the laundry room by holding onto the rail. Our little toddler also likes to climb up the stairs on the back porch.

Kitchen BarSpeaking of climbing, yesterday Brady discovered he could pull out a chair, climb up on it, climb up on the kitchen bar and then onto the counter! He was so proud of himself! His victory was short-lived, however, as Mom and Dad quickly decided to move the three bar chairs into the storage building. Another Brady project completed! Hip-hip-hooray! Heck, who needs chairs anyway, right? You burn more calories standing up to eat.

?Brady EilersRecently, Brady has started going to the refrigerator when he wants something to eat. Today, after eating an ice cream sandwich (that he fed to himself), he decided he wanted something else out of the fridge. He tried very hard to open the refrigerator. Fortunately, we have a refrigerator lock at the ready once Brady figures out how to open it - which I'm sure won't be long!

Ain't having kids great?!

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Anonymous said...

Hahahhhah! This story gave me fits! lol! I remember my son when he was the age of your kid. He sure is something that kept you busy all day! :)

workout mommy said...

oh, I feel your pain! My boys are sneaky as well. The adventure never ends! :)

Paul Eilers said...

I just want to say that my wife, Laura, worked quite a bit on the post too. She deserves more credit for how well it turned out.

I looooove you honey!

Anonymous said...

I have an 18 month old and I am dreading the day she can open the fridge by herself! I am already running after her all day, becuase like yours she always finds SOMETHING to get into! She sure does keep me in shape though!
It's a good thing there so cute right?!


aybi said...

Oh your son is so cute! can't wait for my son to walk around too.

Laura said...

Hey everybody! Thanks for taking the time to comment. :) I'm glad you liked the post. My hubby, Paul, started out writing it but became ill so I had to jump in and finish it. It's a lot of fun having Brady around though sometimes it IS challenging!

Anonymous said...

That was a great post you two! Good to know that my twins aren't the only babies that like to splash in the toilet! haha!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tips. With two small grandkids here on a regular basis, I am always aware of hazards that I had never given a thought to before. Your suggestions will come in mighty handy!

Laura said...

Ruthie - Yeah, kiddos sure keep ya hoppin' don't they?

Judy - Glad to help! :)

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