Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Is Your Treadmill A Genius?

Man, I'd love to have one of these treadmills!

I read this article today about how 'smart treadmills' give users a more personalized, effective workout.

I just love high-tech stuff, don't you? According to what I read, having this 'intelligent' fitness machine is like having your own personal trainer.

Most treadmills allow you to test your heart rate or select from a variety of pre-set workouts (hills, intervals, weight loss), but many new models are upping the ante. The Platinum Club Series treadmill from Life Fitness has gotten personal with a virtual trainer, which both motivates and educates users over the duration of their workout. Push a button and a male or female trainer appears on the integrated LCD touch screen and advises the user on every aspect of the workout, from describing workout programs to updates on workout statistics including distance, time and calories burned.

"The virtual trainer takes the intimidation out of beginning a new workout, helps users choose the best workout to meet their goals and provides ongoing encouragement while exercising," says Bob Quast, vice president of brand management for Life Fitness.

Many new machines on the market now offer iPod integration, which allows users to plug in and charge their iPods, control their iPod playlists from the console and watch iPod-delivered video on the equipment’s large LCD screen. Users can also store customized workouts on a USB memory stick they plug directly into the treadmill so they can view and select a workout program on the integrated LCD screen. At the end of the workout, they can save the results on the USB stick and track progress over time online.

Now if only these smart machines could dispense pre-workout smoothies and give you a post-workout massage, they’d be just about perfect.

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Anonymous said...

Home treadmills are becoming a common feature in many homes. Prices can be as low as $399 it is no surprise that many people decide to purchase one. It provides a great form of exercise; you don’t have to pay monthly fees for a gym or have to work out in front of vein bodybuilders.

pkay said...

That looks like what I need. I definitely need an upgrade. Mine is working on I think 10 years. Not sure, but it is a good one. Hey, what if we could program our own celebrity like Brad Pitt to keep us movtivated. Now, that I would buy.

Paul Eilers said...

I really like that picture!

And do you know why?

Cuz she has big hair!

Ha! Ha! Ha!

I looove you, honey!

Anonymous said...

that sounds pretty cool! Can someone invent one that will entertain/distract my kids so I can exercise in peace? :)


wow! I wish that I had one of those but the only problem is I need a personal trainer to make me get on it first!

Laura said...

Treadmills Jack - I agree. Buying a treadmill is a smart purchase... if you're sure your going to use it! :)

PKay - You made me laugh. Brad Pitt would be an excellent personal trainer (if he was the Brad Pitt that was married to Jennifer Aniston... I don't like him since he dumped her).

Paul - Funny boy!

Lisa (aka Workout Mommy) - LOL! Boy, I can relate to that.

Heidi (aka Health Nut Wannabee Mom) - You're right... me too! I'd be really ticked at myself if I bought a treadmill and then it just sat in the corner and was used to hang clothes on.

Marilyn said...

I just wish they'd make one that dispensed cash so I could afford to pay for it.

Unknown said...

How about a robot that tackles you, as you are fleeing from your workout, and drags you to your treadmill, kicking and screaming...? Just a thought.

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Laura said...

Marilyn - Yeah, I know! I can't afford one right now either.

Mike - Now you're thinking! :) You nut!

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