Saturday, August 16, 2008

Dara Torres, a 41 Year-Old Olympic Champion, Poised To Make History

Dara TorresDara Torres was known as one of the best swimmers in the world.

At her first Olympics in 1984, she won gold. She's earned eight more medals at three more Olympics.

And though Dara retired after the Sydney games in 2000, she decided to make a comeback after the birth of her daughter, Tessa.

Dara Torres is doubling up her duties in her run at history tonight (9:03 p.m. CT)

In addition to seeking her 11th Olympic medal in the finals of the 50-meter freestyle, the 41-year-old mom confirmed she will swim the anchor leg of the women's 4x100 medley relay about 40 minutes later.

Torres, 41, became the oldest Olympic swimming medalist Sunday when she anchored the U.S. women's 4x100-meter freestyle relay to a silver medal finish. She has now won 10 Olympic medals and will go for an 11th when she competes in the 50-meter freestyle.

But her presence alone was enough to make history.Dara Torres with Tessa

Eight years after retiring and two years after giving birth, Torres is the first U.S. swimmer to compete at five Olympic Games and oldest woman ever to make the U.S. Olympic swim team. She has become a testament of dedication, passion and willpower.

While most women her age lack her carved-from-stone body and ripped abs, many are feeling inspired by her remarkable comeback, and her "age is just a number" mantra.

And Torres herself has said that she has been contacted by a lot of middle-aged women and men who told her she was inspiration to them.

Torres appears in photos with her daughter, Tessa, on her hip. She is open about her age, joking that she had trouble reading the scoreboard with her middle-aged eyes at the Olympic swimming trials.

"There are times when I feel 40 and I feel like there's a piano on my back and I can't lift my arms up out of the pool and there are times when I feel like I'm 20 and just flying through the water," she told ABC.

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Check out this video of Dara Torres, where she was named ABC News' Person of the Week.

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Dori said...

I have loved following Dara's story. She is such an inspiration. Thanks for this great post.

Laura said...

Hi Dori! I'm glad you liked the post. Dara is such an incredible inspiration.

Anonymous said...

she is absolutely amazing--an inspiration to all women and mommies.

Laura said...

Lisa - I agree! :)

Anonymous said...

Yes indeed, she is an inspiration. Age really doesn't matter. So, let us keep moving on.

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