Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Who Else Wants Fewer Wrinkles?

Woman Peeling an OrangeAlmost all women over the age of thirty would like to know how to keep from getting wrinkles or how to diminish the wrinkles they have.

We've all heard the saying, 'You are what you eat.' Well, it's true. What you put inside your body will eventually show on the outside.

More than 100 dermatologists analyzed the skin of about 4,000 women aged 40 to 74. Then they looked at weight, eating habits, sun exposure history, and whether or not the women were going through menopause.

Following are the a
nti-aging diet secrets the doctors uncovered:

Vitamin C counts!

Women with higher vitamin C intake, mostly from foods like orange juice, citrus fruits, and tomatoes (as opposed to supplements), had significantly fewer wrinkles. Vitamin C is key in the formation of collagen, which repairs damage and keeps skin strong and elastic.

Linoleic acid is protective.

Those who ate plenty of this nutrient had skin that was less dry and fragile. Known to help skin maintain moisture, it's found in green leafy vegetables, nuts, and plant-based oils.

Excess carbohydrates and fat speed the aging of skin.

Women who consumed more carbs and fat had more wrinkles.

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Anonymous said...

Something new about Vitamin C I learned today. Thanks for sharing.. I'm taking 1g of vitamin C table each day.. planning to shift back to natural food sooner. Getting the list of high contents of vitamin c fruits.

Laura said...

Hey Atniz! I'm glad you got something out of the article. Vitamin C is my favorite vitamin. At the onset of a cold, I take 4,000+ mg per day and all symptoms are usually completely gone within a day or two. It's nice to hear that it also helps with anti-aging.


I had read that about carbs and aging too! It is really so amazing how important our diet is in every aspect. Great information that I will use!

Laura said...

Hi health nut wannabee mom! Thanks for reading. I plan on putting this information to use myself! :)

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