Thursday, July 10, 2008

NYC Fast Food Chains Drop Trans Fat

Everybody clap! Fast food restaurants have been changing their recipes to adapt to New York City's trans fat ban. Supposedly, the chain restaurants have plans to do the same across the country.

Following are some of the menu overhauls at major chains in New York City:

Dunkin DonutsDunkin Donuts: Quit using partially hydrogenated oil months ago in favor of a trans-fat-free blend of palm, soybean and cottonseed oil.
Kentucky Fried Chicken
Kentucky Fried Chicken: Ditched trans fats from cooking oil immediately, recently removed it from its pot pie and biscuits.

Pizza HutPizza Hut: Removed trans fat from the one style of pizza that had it.
McDonald's: Stopped cooking fries in trans fat last year, and now has it out of cookies and baked apple pie too, at least in New York. The rest of the country will follow.
Burger King
Burger King: New York locations no longer use trans fat in fries, apple pie or biscuits, with plans to eliminate them nationwide.
Boston Market
Boston Market: Testing a trans-fat-free version of its chicken pot pie and cornbread in New York. If all goes well, the recipe change will be expanded nationwide.

Those who reject the ban and get caught face a $2,000 fine starting Oct. 1.

Read the entire article here.

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Anonymous said...

This is great news. Now only if the rest of the country would follow, and then later high fructrose corn syrup is banned and sugar tariffs lifted... I'll be a happy camper (and probably 20 pounds lighter).

Laura said...

I know! I think it's a huge step in the right direction

Chris said...

I think this is great! I truely wish fast food places would also post the calories next to each item. If people knew what there were consuming, they would think twice.

Laura said...

Hey Chris! I wholeheartedly agree. If we could see the calorie content in the foods on the menu board, I think we'd make better choices.

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