Thursday, June 12, 2008

More Than Half of Men Fight the Flab

Jack Nicholson letting it all hang outTheir moobs, spare tires and beer bellies must have finally wobbled hard enough to alert their egos.

Because the majority of British men are trying to lose weight, a study has revealed.

More than half accepted that their figure might need a little improvement, and started a diet or a fitness regime this year.

Unfortunately, they also discovered how hard a health kick can be, with more than three-quarters giving up on the regime.

The study for Men's Health Week found that 10 per cent wanted to get in shape before a holiday so they could flex their toned bodies on the beach without a hint of moob, or man boob.

One in five were planning to dazzle their friends on a special occasion such as a wedding, or get in shape for a new job.

Most, however, embarked on a diet and fitness regime simply to become healthier.

Their main temptations were, unsurprisingly, beer and the snacks that go along with it.

One in ten of the almost 3,300 surveyed admitted that avoiding beer was the hardest part of a healthy lifestyle, even though it meant they were saving money.

More than a third said they found it hard to resist sweets and foods with a high-calorie count, while 47 per cent admitted to regularly snacking on crisps at work and 43 per cent said chocolate bars were their weakness.

Read the entire article here.

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