Thursday, June 5, 2008

Exercise is Good...Good...Good!

Woman stretchingRachael and I just finished the Slim in 6 'Ramp it Up' workout. Tonight makes our fourth night in a row to do this 48-minute workout. We are both amazed at how much progress we've made. The first night, we struggled at everything... huffing and puffing, whining and wheezing. It was pretty embarrassing. But each night, we've noticed that we're getting stronger and protesting less.

One of the things we both noticed is that even though the workouts have been killer, the next day we don't have a great amount of soreness. This has really surprised me because I have done many workouts in the past and usually the next day (or several days), it hurts to walk or get up out of a chair. Not so, with this program. Don't get me wrong, we are sore but it's tolerable.

Next Wednesday night, we'll start working out to the Slim in 6 'Burn in Up' DVD set so I will probably be singing another tune Thursday morning... I'll keep you posted. We will work out with the 'Burn in Up' DVD for the remaining 4-1/2 weeks of the program.

I canceled Rachael's and my membership at the fitness center. Rachael bought the Slim in 6 DVD set several months ago. We realized it made better sense to do these workouts at home (save gas, get more sleep, and I'm home with the baby if needed). We'll see how it goes. I may sign up at the fitness center again at a later time.

We plan to complete the Slim in 6 program on July 14th. We are then going to work out doing Tae-Bo. I am a huge Tae-Bo fan. I bought the Tae-Bo Workout DVD set nine years ago and lost 30 lbs. Then a couple of years ago, I bought the Tae-Bo 'Get Ripped' DVD set, so it makes sense for us to use what we have on hand.

This sounds crazy, but I already feel different. I can't see a difference on the outside, but I definitely feel different on the inside. I feel cleaner and healthier. I feel really, really good. I'm excited!

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