Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Boy, I Would Love To Be Slim in 6 Weeks!

Slim in 6Whew, I'm tired. My 26 year old daughter, Rachael, and I finished a 48 minute Slim in 6 video workout an hour and a half ago and I'm feeling it. I know I'll be feeling it tomorrow too.

We didn't make it to our early morning workout at the gym because I didn't hear the alarm going off. (Note to self: It's not a good idea to sleep with the timer underneath your pillow.)

I've gained a half pound. I'm doing good aren't I? I'm not at all surprised because last week, I only exercised three days (two days on the treadmill and one day on the upper body weight machines). I really wasn't strict as far as what I ate either. Truthfully, I don't want to be super strict with what I eat because I feel I'll just be setting myself up for a fall.
Debbie Siebers
Instead of getting depressed about my weight gain, I'm getting more and more determined. Especially after watching fitness instructor, Debbie Siebers and the other lady in the Slim in 6 video. They both look so good and so healthy. I said to my daughter, "Rachael, I don't care if it takes me a year to do it, I want to look like that!" Then I asked her, "Are you with me?" She said, "Yes!" So we're going to do it.

Every day, I'm going to do something positive that puts me in a position to succeed at my weight loss goals.

My husband, Paul, and I like to start the day out with a large glass of freshly extracted juice (carrot, celery, apple, and tomato blend) and a Pop-A-Purple (whole food supplements we sell). I had a glass of juice this morning and it made me feel good. It made me feel healthy inside.

What I have to learn to do is to continue the trend throughout the day. In other words, I need to little-by-little make healthier food choices and stick to a 6-day per week exercise regimen. I want to change my lifestyle forever and never be overweight again. I want to feel good, look good and be full of energy. I want to be an inspiration to others and help them succeed at their weight loss goals.

Read the post below, "Lose Weight Without Dieting" and you will get an idea of my philosophy as far as dieting goes. I believe exercise is the key to weight loss and maintaining that weight loss. I believe that when we diet, we're only doing it as a temporary measure ... a means to an end and when the diet is over or the goal is achieved, we go back to what we ate before and gain the weight back.

If we make exercise a part of our lifestyle, we will not only lose the extra weight we're carrying around but we'll be able to keep it off for good.

I'm ready to make some changes. How about you?

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Ruthie said...

Wow, that sounds like something I should check out! You have a 26 year old, wow, that's really hard to believe. You look great! Great blog ,BTW!

Take care,
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