Wednesday, March 12, 2008

What I'm Doing To Lose Weight

saladOn January 1, 2008, I made my final resolution to lose weight. I am so tired of making that pledge. Year after stinking year. I am finally ready to change my junk-food eating ways.

On February 18, 2008, I put my healthy eating plan (HEP) into action. It's been 3 weeks since I started and I have already lost 10 pounds! Yea me! The great thing about this is that I am finally doing it the right way.

What am I doing? Here's my daily routine:
  • fresh vegetable juice blend of carrots, apple, tomato and celery (8 ozs. per day - read how my eyesight was restored)
  • one Pop-A-Purple in the morning and one Pop-A-Green in the evening
  • lean meats (one fist-sized portion per day)
  • unlimited vegetables (no potatoes, corn, or peas)
  • unlimited fruits (no more than one ripe banana per day)
  • keep dairy to a minimum (I eat no more than 1 serving of lowfat cottage cheese or lowfat yogurt per day.)
  • five green olives per day and an occasional avocado (good fats)
  • handful of almonds per day (good fat, good protein, heart disease & cancer fighter)
  • water (3-4 20 oz. bottles per day - more if exercising)
  • no bread, no flour, no pasta, no white rice
  • no sugar
  • no caffeine
My goal is to lose 2 pounds a week. If I lose more than 2 pounds that will be great. If I lose less than 2 pounds, then I will take a look at what I did the previous week and make changes accordingly. I know as soon as I start exercising, I'll lose even more weight.

I want to be fit and trim. Once I lose this weight, I want to maintain it and never have to go through a challenge like this again. I know it won't be easy, but with much effort and great determination, I will reach my goal.

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